Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tiger Needs to Come Clean

Tiger's media spin on his very short drive, out of bounds the other morning has caused a media frenzy. His relutance to talk openly about his "incident" has given the story legs.

“This situation is my fault,” he wrote.

“I'm human and I'm not perfect.”

Alowed the media, fans and critics like myself to spin the story however we wanted.

But it also says, he doesn't understand that this sort of thing happens all the time on the other side of his gated community fence, outside the ropes.

Tiger has lived inside the ropes, inside the bubble all his life. While he has learned the game better than anyone in the history of the sport, it is still just a game.

And life, like marriage takes much more than practice.

It takes smarts, as in knowing blonde fair skinned Scandinavian women are very reserved up to a point and if you push past that point (trust me I’m married to one) you better run!

Thankfully Tiger is the world’s best golfer and not an expert at skeet shooting or lawn darts.

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