Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Too Much To Deal With

Cedar Posts is feeling really overwhelmed.

There's a ton of things going on at DSS that are hiding under the rug. Check out Jeff Taylor's detailed expose' on the continuing DSS saga.

Tiger Woods is chased down his driveway by his wife yielding a golf club.

Bev Purdue stood outside in Huntersville promoting a plan to finish 485 that she knew was illegal.

Rodney Monroe got another 1.2 million of our tax dollars for a Ouija board that will predict where crime will happen.

The Panthers Suck!

Clemson Fans are just as despondent.

And Christmas is less than four weeks away.



Anonymous said...

Hey Cedar,
Why don't you go out an enjoy a game of Frisbee Football with Romo? You could work off a little anxiety and feel MUCH better!

Honestly, I know how you feel, and all joking aside, it does seem some days that the "bad" guys are winning.

You have to wonder where the honest, "good" guys are and why aren't they standing up for what is right........at DSS, at CMPD, on the BCC.........anyone, anyone at all out there ready to come forward and tell the truth about what is going on and no try to cover your collective asses?

Anonymous said...

There has been some talk lately, so I am told, of romo and ray trying to find out the internet addresses of people posting on this Blog and others. So be careful out there!

The "Black Gala", as it is now being called, is a distraction from what is really going on at CMPD. (And just wait, when it becomes known to romo and ray that the MAJORITY of people signed up to attend are black, the edict will go out that ALL OF COMMAND STAFF IS "REQUIRED" to attend this
"event". As in, if you don't go, it will be a mark on you, and we KNOW how vindictive these two can be. But there will be romo, no doubt sitting at the "head" table, on his "throne", holding court with his inner circle and feeling every bit the "king" that he believes he is....but as history has shown, even "kings" can be "dethroned". (And I saw him on the news, WTF is up with all that gold crap on his uniform??? Just what does it really MEAN?)

Romo seems to have contempt for anyone that has a differing opinion from his, he also has a lot of superficial charm but no real depth, and his lack of empathy is legendary. He also doesn't seem to care how his ego and emotional decisions effect others, in other words, he doesn't give a rats ass how his decisions impact others, and rationalizes and manipulates. It's clearly all about Rodney. Textbook, really.

As many have said on here, where will it end? When he has totally destroyed a once fine and honest police department???

He is sacrificing quality for quantity....he is on a personal mission to "diversify" CMPD beyond all reason.

The racial rifts he is causing will go on long after he leaves for greener pastures.

I am told that there are a few people that are retiring soon that are going to speak out about what is going on at CMPD. I say, it's about damn time and bless these people.

It's just a shame that romo has so intimidated and scared good people that they feel they cannot speak the truth while they are on the job.

Romo, and Ray, have accumulated so much freaking bad karma that it has got to bite them in the ass at some point.....it always does.

In the meantime, it's good to be King Rodney, and have your own personal CMPD ATM at your command 24/7 to spend as stupidly as you want, while officers don't get raises, etc., etc., etc.

Anonymous said...

Why does the image of Idi Amin come to mind?

Anonymous said...

Well, he is a "dick"tator!

There's nothing wrong with being a strong leader able to make difficult decisions that not everyone will like.....it's another thing altogether to be making biased, emotional and unethical decisions based on "personal gain" reasons.

So yeah, I can see the similarities there.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cedar,
Its time to move on from Tiger. It was obvious it was a domestic from the beginning. Mama caught him screwing around and took the iron to him.I guess daddy didnt teach him about the terrors of a woman scorned. We have more important fish to fry out here now. Here is a new rumor running around about the Bobcats. Someone is being investigated internally by the Bobcats security, "if you can call them that", for alledgedly getting caught with their hands in Gerald Wallace's pants in the locker room. Now Gerald wasnt in his pants at the time but his money was. It appears they are trying to keep this one hush hush. This person being investigated works for a law enforcement agency also while working for the bobcats/NBA on the side providing security for the players. Now what kind of idiot would take a chance at getting caught stealing a few thousand risking his 6 figure salaries when combined in a year. DUH. It will be interesting to see if they fired him or just blew it off. (The person has to be a "him", they unjustly fired the only female working for them several years back. I hear law suits are in the works for that one also.) Rumors have it there have been thefts before in the locker room. See what you can find out.

Anonymous said...

From what I hear, the rumors are flying on this one!!!!

There's too much smoke for there not to be fire!

Once again, it goes to a person's CHARACTER.

Same as with Romo.....a total lack of character.