Friday, December 18, 2009

Why You Should Read Tom Sorensen

Because he's "wicked" good!

It's not Wayne's World, it's Roy's - Tom Talk's

I was walking down the street and a guy told me I ought to write more about hockey and I said hockey doesn't interest me and he said I was practicing censorship. If I were North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams, I would have asked security to remove him. But I'm not. So I kept walking.

I was driving down the left lane of I-485 and the car in front of me was driving more slowly than I was and I flashed my brights but the driver, who clearly doesn't understand how a freeway works, refused to move. If I were Roy Williams, I would have asked security to have the driver towed.

I was at the coffee shop and the woman at the front of the long line didn't think about what she wanted or how she was going to pay for it until she reached the counter. She finally decided on a glorified milk shake with many colorful items and then reached for a credit card and couldn't find it and couldn't find sufficient cash, eitehr. If I were Roy Williams, I would have called security and had her arrested.

There are times I wish I were Roy Williams. But without the sweater vest.

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