Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mecklenburg Commissioners Approve Benefits for "Homos" Bill James Locks Horms with Old Hag Vilma Leake

Bill James, never one to hold back, called Vilma Leake's son who died of AIDS a "homo" Tuesday as the Mecklenburg of County Commissioners voted to approve 'same-sex" domestic partner benefits.

Leake responded to James with a threat of "don't make me hurt you".

James who earlier this year referred to transgendered individuals as "Trannies" tends to call it as he sees it, and he is often over the top and embarrassing.

One of the speakers who addressed the BOCC Jason Colley said. “I know what is good and I know what is bad. I do not wish my taxes to go to something of this nature. It seems like to me the minorities always get their way in whatever minority class it may be. I thought we were governed by majority rule. It doesn’t seem that way.”

African-American, Democratic Commissioner George Dunlap took exception to Colley’s remarks. “The majority hasn’t always been right,” he said.

The vote to approve domestic partner benefits in Mecklenburg County split along party lines.

Dumont Clarke (Dist. 4)
Harold Cogdell, Jr. (Vice-Chair, At-Large)
George Dunlap (Dist. 3)
Vilma Leake (Dist. 2)
Dan Murrey (At-Large)
Jennifer Roberts (Chair, At-Large)

Karen Bentley (Dist. 1)
Neil Cooksey (Dist. 5)
Bill James (Dist. 6)

According to the report, county costs for a domestic partner plan are estimated to range from $400,000 to $1.2 million per year.

Cedar Posts View:

The real question is affordable health care for all. Providing benefits for select groups based on lifestyle and pricing this coverage accordingly is how our insurance industry has worked for years. This is how they turn a profit.

Providing health insurance benefits to gay couples will cost more than to heterosexual couples. Its just a fact. Anyone who works in employee benefits knows there are several groups major insurance carriers exclude, florists, fashion designers, hair salons ect.

So a cut and past effort to bring gay couples out into the lifestyle of mainstream America is wrong and will be costly.

The Mecklenburg BOCC has singled out one group to benefit in doing so ignored many others while failing to address the real issue of affordable health care for all.

Let's go back to George Dunlap's comment: “The majority hasn’t always been right,” he said.

The is the mantra of the gay marriage movement. In order to have same sex couples "legally married" it must be put into law and in order to do that the gay rights activists have successfully "pushed" state and local governments to approve gay marriage proposals.

However once given to a vote of the public, gay marriage has been overwhelmingly defeated.

The six who voted to approve same sex domestic partner benefits did what is right against majority of Mecklenburg County's voters wishes. As right as they are they are wrong to approve same-sex domestic partner benefits, and I hope the voters remember this next November.

As far as James and Leake going at each other, I would think that Mecklenburg County with nearly one million residents could do better than elect the low life we have on the BOCC.


Anonymous said...

I agree, I know I will NOT be voting for Leakes at the next election, I jsut pray we get someone with some brains to run against her:-)

Anonymous said...

I don't like any of them, but doing what Bill James did is just mean spirited and wrong.

He truly is a real redneck. His ignorance shines through his comb over!!

Why is he so threatened by "homosexuals"? Hmmmmmmm...

Anonymous said...

James is proably one of those "closeted" republicans that taps his foot under the bathroom stall asking for "toilet paper"........Hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Laugh all you want about this issue however any and all values the south had is quickly diminishing due to people who have hidden agendas- tax payers and the people employed by the city are the ones who wil feel the effect of having this past- their insurance is going to go up. Since they passed this does this mean if you are straight your boyfriend/ or girlfriend will also be able to be added to your benefits??

Anonymous said...

OMG, what do good ole "southern values" have to do with this?

"Southern Values" is more like a day at Big Lots.

And it's frequently a misnomer for integrity, which is so funny it makes me laugh out loud.