Friday, January 15, 2010

Heads Roll as Romo Goes Goat Hunting

Here's breaking news or so we hear....

If rumors, WBT's Pete Kaliner and an email sent to Cedar Posts are correct, two members of Chief Rodney Monroe's command staff have been reassigned.

If true this would come less than 24 after Mecklenburg Superior Court Judge Richard Boner noted in open court, "I can't imagine there would be a blanket withholding of every single word" on the 911 tapes and police radio transmissions involving former police Officer Marcus Jackson.

In court Thursday, Deputy City Attorney Mark Newbold argued the tapes contain material that might compromise the investigation and prosecution of Jackson, discourage other victims from coming forward and damage Jackson's right to a fair trial.

Boner said the case has received extensive media coverage. "You've already got all the publicity out there. How could it be more damaging than what you've got?"

Newbold responded: "I wouldn't be here if there wasn't more."

Hummmmmmm, more??? Makes you wonder doesn't it?

In other odd CMPD news Lisa Miller of WFAE is reporting that the CMPD's Frisbee football program which allows officers to play Ultimate Frisbee while on the job, is costing taxpayers more than just paid recreation time. Details here.

Always on the defensive Police Chief Rodney Monroe would not speak to WFAE. Instead, his press officer released a statement saying the games never hurt the department's ability to respond to the community. The statement says the 17-game tournament has so far accomplished its goals of boosting morale and improving officers' fitness.

CMS has some issues with sexual predators this week as well. In one case the father of the young female victim is a CMPD officer. He resigned this week. This doesn't bode well for the perp. Justice may be very swift and very final in this case. Let's hope cooler heads prevail and nothing comes of the rumor that the father is going after his daughters attacker.

Stay Tuned More Soon....


Anonymous said...

You know, if romo is able to compel people to fall on their swords for him once again, I got nothin'.

Is there no one at CMPD man/woman enough to stand up to this
egomaniac??? I am just incredulous, shocked and disappointed. It just takes ONE honest person to back a bully down. I get the feeling that most of Command Staff are so quaking in their boots afraid for their "positions" that they have TOTALLY sold out...have they no integrity?
Do they really value their honor so little?
If romo is able to scam his way out of accepting ANY responsibility
for the Marcus Jackson Affair, it will be a true travesty.
If he manages to somehow sanitize and remove HIS name from the Personnel file, the IA file, and/or the disciplinary file of Marcus Jackson before he gives the into to City Council, and no one questions him about it, then City Council will deserve all the lawsuits it gets.
It should be clear by now what kind of PD romo is TRYING to run, is that what Charlotte really wants?

Anonymous said...

No surprise here. But I've heard nothing about this.

Seems Sgt Anderson and Officer Ostrove my have quit but this may or may not be related to RoMo/Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Just how is Romo measuring morale? What type of pre-frisbee morale survey did he take and what type of post-frisbee morale survey did he take? How on earth can he measure frisbee morale? I reckon he just speaks it and it is so.

Anonymous said...

Cops in North Carolina are just a bunch of horny ass perverts and Jackson was just enjoying the perks of "doing a job" or so it would seem read North Carolina trooper cries foul over firing

Anonymous said...

To 8:30,
Whats an ass pervert? Seems like you should be a cop based on your own statement....freak

Anonymous said...

Oh come on we all know that most cops get off on the uniform and gun. Jackson just took it to an extreme and got caugt. Kicking himself now for messing with them wetback STD infected latino bitches anyway for sure. Ain't that right my homies?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:30 Just take your childish, immature and stupid comments and go away.

Yes, HOW is romo measuring morale and since when did he care about the morale of his officers? Has he had an epiphany of some sort that his employees don't know about? Morale is in the dumper.

Puleeze, romo does not care about the morale of his troops, give me a break.

All romo cares about is his OWN morale, and he takes care of that first and foremost.

And the Officer that was trying to tap dance about the frisbee football and morale....once again, puleeze. And would you people STOP DOING RODNEY'S BIDDING WHEN YOU KNOW HIS JUDGMENT IS SKEWED?? It just makes you seem as nutso as Rodney. And it has a ring of falseness that anyone can see maybe you have been sent out there to "spin".?!

Enough is enough, I have heard enough in the last few days from people that are so fed up with this crap that they are ready to speak up, on camera, as a group.
It's coming...he's gone too far with trying to cover up his part in the Marcus Jackson Affair AND trying to blame it on everyone else. How can anyone respect someone that never takes personal responsibility for ANYTHING?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:39
Please, take your uneducated, ignorant self to one of your home boy blogs.
People here try to have educated online conversations.
You don't have the equipment to handle that.

Anonymous said...

If these people in power were white they would have been LONG gone! But because they are black our "City" and "County" board members seem to be more worried about "NAACP"! Who cares about them! If you are a leader then you must be above reproach! I may not have liked the way Park Helms "excused" all his expenses but at least he made the right decision, he left... he may have been forced out, but in the end HE did the right thing! Why are we having such a hard time asking our City & County leaders to abide by our (the citizens they represent) wishes? I don't care if you are purple, if you have no ethics, morals and accountability LEAVE!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:38
How right you are.

Why do we tolerate a lack of ethics, morality and integrity from our supposed "leaders", no matter what their ethnicity? But it does seem that we have become so "politically correct" that we are very afraid of people playing the race card. That just enables people to continue their ways of deceit and dishonesty.

We should demand that our "leaders" hold themselves to at least SOME levels of accountability, shouldn't we?

But, from the beginning with romo, the red flags were all there. Curt Walton needs his feet held to the fire on this, too. Wasn't the ultimate decision to hire romo his?
Which in itself seems so strange that one person should have such "power".
But allowing the romo regime to continue unchecked and without any real accountability is a huge violation of the public trust.

Cedar Posts, Life Floating By and Meckburbia said...

Note to all Please Keep it Civil.

Anonymous said...

About a year and a half ago the rumors started flying that the recruiting staff was advised a different set of standards for recruits. Two recruiters who had been at the academy for years suddenly were reassigned. This was because they would not agree with the lower standards being pushed through by Romo. One of them has recently retired. If he could come out and confirm any of this the city may finally get some truth about what is going on and see how much Romo is lying.

Anonymous said...

Improving fitness? With 8 on duty injuries so's sure improved "fitness".

The thing is, this wasn't such a bad idea, the BAD IDEA PART was doing it during duty hours, instead of on the weekends or AFTER work. And romo was advised against it, but went ahead with it anyhow. So he comes up with the lame reason of "improving fitness and morale".....

From what I have heard, this is how he conducts business all the time. With tunnel vision, and totally self serving motives. I would bet this was a half assed attempt at trying to show he "cared" about the officers and their morale. There are much better ways to foster "team building". Like showing some respect for your employees and actually listening to them? And not being retaliatory when someone doesn't agree with you and going after that person? And the whole
reverse discrimination and crony thing?
These things, from everything I am told, do not lend themselves to good morale or respect.

Anonymous said...

If only someone would have the moral fiber to stand up and speak up.

There sometimes comes a moment in your life when you need to speak out and take a stand... if you actually know something that can shine the light on corrupt individuals, you have a responsibility to speak up, IMO.

There was a quote I heard years ago, can't remember it verbatim, but it went something like "If you stand idly by while corrupt people flourish, and do nothing, you are as guilty as they are".

Being afraid for your job, or trying to show you are somehow morally superior by being silent, just doesn't wash.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Romo's daughter or daughters boyfriend went to college with Marcus Jackson??? Is that how he know him???

ThaQueenCity said...

NEWS FLASH: Another CMPD officer just "resigned" after reports of him having sex in a Fuel Pizza on Central Ave! Several patrons of the restaraunt called poilce after "seeing" the sex act performed!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what "Ray-Ray" has to say about all of this? Where has he been?

Anonymous said...

ray/ray is probably running for cover and packing his bags heading back to Richmond.

But then again, that's one of the main reasons he was hired, to be the buffer and take the fall if romo got in trouble....romo NEVER gives a direct "order", it ALWAYS comes through ray/ romo always has deniability.

I wonder if he is going to take the blame for this mess??

Nah, he and romo have already named their "patsies" I'm thinking.