Saturday, January 16, 2010

Domestic Violence In Uniform

A bigger issue than you may have thought. Behind The Blue Wall is pretty sobering.

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ThaQueenCity said...

Wow, I had JUST found this website TODAY! And there it is on your post...I could not beleive all the stories, but it is true. It is also true that "suicide" is also very high when you wear the uniform. THAT is tragic too... officers are under a lot of stress daily, more than I could imagine or would endure, but they should also not be above the law when it comes to DV! CMPD has a great DV instructor, but he works for the jails, he is also an intructor at CPCC, and a resource officer for CMS. He is great at ALL his jobs! He is about to retire, which is sad for CMPD because this guy has passion for all his jobs, PLUS he has morals and ethics! Something his boss lacks:-( If CMPD were pro-active they would keep this guy and use him internally! But I am sure RoMo would never think of such a thing himself!