Friday, January 22, 2010

Marcus Jackson Victims Sue

News Channel 36 reports the following and not surpising story:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Charlotte taxpayers could pay the price for a former police officer charged with sexual assault.

Marcus Jackson is accused of inappropriately touching six women while he was on-duty and in uniform.

Two of the alleged victims are now suing the city. Attorney Neal Rogers will hold a news conference at 2 p.m. today, announcing details of the lawsuit.

Legal experts say the case could end up costing the city a bundle.

"If I were a plaintiff's lawyer I would not only want to sue the department, I'd want to sue the city for failing to do their due diligence," said defense attorney George Laughrum.

Police Chief Rodney Monroe has said that Jackson was disciplined at least once during his time as an officer. Monroe has also acknowledged that Jackson should not have been hired in 2008 because of charges against him related to a restraining order filed by an ex-girlfriend.

Because of the Jackson case, Charlotte's 911 system is also under review. In one call, a man tells the emergency operators that Jackson was groping his girlfriend. Police say 911 dispatchers didn't send help because they took the officer's word.

As to the amount of damages attorney Neal Rogers is asking for "damages in excess of $10,000.00 plus attorney fees and an amount further and different that the court deems the plaintiff entitled.

A copy of the Complaint as filed with the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Courts Office is located here.


Anonymous said...

Heads are going to roll now.

Anonymous said...

Well, like this is a surprise, as you said, Cedar.

And as many others have said, if/when the truth comes out about his two suspensions and the fact that romo chose to overturn at least one of those suspensions and lower it, how is that going to go over?

But the SIMPLE fact that he was disciplined twice, I am told, with two IA investigations in the year he was a probationary office is in and of itself an admission that romo knew he was a problem. Others advised he should be fired from what I am told.

I can see why romo doesn 't want those files, or that part of the file made public, it would call his abysmal judgment into question and out into the open. And it would also leave the city vulnerable... which might make City Council reluctant to admit this or be transparent and open the files.

But it will come out eventually at any civil actions, anyhow, and with the criminal trial of Marcus Jackson.

And will just look worse if there is any attempted cover up.

JAT said...

2:31, no WAY this thing goes to trial. There will be a plea deal and a big fat settlement.

ThaQueenCity said...

Maybe we citizens should file a suit against the city for hiring RuttMutt, allowing him to run the department into the ground and for NOT firing him! And they have TONS of reasons to fire him, the first being "lying on his application" about his degree!

The General said...

Maybe one of the defense attorneys will subpeona one of the reserve officers who can testify to the lies that rodney and foster told about the reserve unit which will totally discredit him and his followers..I think at the time there were about 75 reserve officers being lied about and too by both monore and foster