Friday, January 22, 2010

Random Thoughts and a Motorcycle

Marcus Jackson 911 Tapes

Greg Collard can't get his head around CMPD's holding back the Marcus Jackson 911 calls. In his post "Still trying to understand CMPD stance on recordings" he admits "I don’t understand why CMPD put up such a fight to prohibit their release".

Greg did you ever stop to think Rodney Monroe is just a control freak?

Jeff Taylor zeros in on the role CMPD supervisors played in the Jackson case and the extent they knew Jackson was a rouge cop at The Meck Deck.

Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien ends his short run as Tonight Show host later tonight. I'm not a "network" executive but I could have told NBC that moving Jay Leno to 10 and O'Brien to 11:30 as host of the tonight show would be a ratings disaster.

1/2 of Leno's older 11:30 audience when to 10:00, and NBC's drama watchers wandered off to HBO or FX. Leno's draw was 1/2 of what he was pulling in on the Tonight Show.

O'Brien's younger audience was always 1/2 that of Leno's and 11:30 Eastern 10:30 Central might have been too early to grab the remote and find Coco, for the under 39 crowd.

So with simple math O'Brien drew only slightly better than 50% of Leno's Tonight Show ratings. No doubt Coco will do well where ever he lands. Leno may never recover and NBC executives Dick Ebersol and NBC Chairman Jeff Gaspin who both acted like a couple of goons may find themselves out of jobs should Leno not be able to regroup.

Frankly I'm an east coast guy so I've always watched Letterman, and switched over to Conan afterwards. Plus us Irish Catholics need to stand united.


While Haiti is dealing with nearly continuous aftershocks and California is subject to daily shakes and rattles, it might surprise you that the Carolina's are not free of seismic activity. You can see the latest Earthquakes on a map of the US at the Advanced National Seismic System web site.

And the Motorcycle

CP's son a current Western Carolina Senior and future Marine Naval Aviator has a sport bike like his father. Truth is when he signed a contract with the Corps I wasn't nearly as concerned as I was when he bought a sport bike.

And now thanks to a friend of his, I have proof and reason to be concerned. His explanation for not watching where he was going? Looking for Popo! UGH~! I'll feel better once his ass is deployed to Afghanistan.

Cedar Posts is off to the Ocean Reef Club for the next week time to do some boat work. But we'll update y'all if something else turns up RoMo wise.

Peace! Out!


ThaQueenCity said...

Does anyone wonder why Jesse JackA*S is really here? Ya think he is here to play golf with his buddy RuttMutt and help him in his "time of need"?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you have done in exposing rodney for what he is:
a bully, an egotist,holding a grudge and seeking revenge at every turn, decidedly NOT A LEADER, in WAY over his head, not the sharptest knife in the drawer,willing to sacrifice ethics and character for NUMBERS, and etc., etc.

Thank you, and keep the heat on, it's definitely making a huge difference!!!

Anonymous said...

I second that Cedar. You are doing a great job. You might not get RoMo (aka RuttMutt) booted from the CMPD but your blog and those who promote it are letting Monroe know the citizens are on to his BS!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Cedar, if we continue to expose the corruption from romo, at least he will hate his job, too.

It's only fair, he has made so many others hate jobs they used to love!

Well, I am told there is a class graduating from the Academy today, with the lower admittance standards that romo initiated, let's just hope that we have no one of dubious character and background...romo has the market corned on that.

Looks like everyone has their white
"love boat" shirts on today....someone told me that not only did they get everyday white shirts, but ALSO got a few "dress" shirts....PLUS "dress" coats like romo's..........

Would someone in the media please find out how much this latest folly of romo's cost??

Again, thanks Cedar.......we'll help you keep the heat turned upQ

Anonymous said...

I heard that the new uniforms cost the city upwards of $60,000.00

Anonymous said...

Coco Rules!