Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Monroe "DRAFT" Time Line aka The Walk of Shame

Here it is, in draft form a random list of RoMo events that have shaped the CMPD as we know it today.

Comment and add to this list as much as you like. The list is not is any order and nothing on the list is hard and fast unless noted.

If something is on this list that is false let us know and we will change it.

If we have missed something and we are sure that we have let us know and we'll add it.

RoMo's Walk of Shame looking back at the first 18 months.

Tainted Degree from Virginia Commonwealth called into question and Monroe promises to make it right.

Monroe refuses to take calls from VCU investigators who note his college transcript from Phoenix University that he used for his admission to VCU was "unofficial" and was handed to VCU by Monroe, making it quite possible that he never passed or even took, enough college credits at Phoenix University.

Unhappy with the Darrell Stephens budget minded Ford Escape Monroe is offered a Chevy Impala the new standard car for the CMPD, but Monroe demands and gets a Custom Black Crown Vic.

After parking on the sidewalk in front of the Cable Box for the first half of the Bobcats NBA season Monroe takes to parking in the loading dock area after fans begin to notice that the Chief is parking in a no parking zone.

Monroe fires long time CMPD PR staff saying he would save money by doing the PR work himself months later Monroe hiring WBTV news reporter Rob Tufano to do the PR work at 4x the pay of the prior PR staff.

Monroe forces out Chief Stephens secretary, hiring his former Richmond Police Department assistant at twice the pay.

Ray Tarasovic

Monroe allows CMPD Major Vicki Foster to serve as his personal real estate agent while she’s on the CMPD payroll.

Chief Monroe reworks the CMPD parking deck, adds "Reserved" parking spots so all his staff have reserved parking places on the main floor. The Chief ordered a complete "overhaul" of the parking deck creating a "row of honor" for Command Staff on the first floor. Cost to taxpayers a reported $10,000.00 for paint and stripes.

Monroe arranges a well paying job for his daughter at DSS.

Chief Monroe jerks some ropes and gets his wife into exclusive Leadership Charlotte along with Sherie Pearsall.

Monroe re-assigns several at the CMPD academy after they refuse to hire his daughter’s boyfriend as a CMPD officer. Boyfriend hired anyway.

Chief Monroe rewrites reserve rules forcing officers to work no less than 3 of 4 major holidays. Demotes other officers and reduces their rank to rent a cop.

Daughter's boyfriend and CMPD officer is arrested on outstanding child support warrants.

Mike Campanga is reassigned to the duty office, a job similar to “window sitting” after Campanga becomes the goat for Monroe’s asking for answers on the state BLET questions.

Monroe promotes Sherri Perasall and others ignoring CMPD time and service requirements.

Monroe turns a blind eye to Foster’s Private Protection Company that has a Washington DC connection.

The Chief signs off on Sherie Pearsall and Gerald Smith’s plan to bring all background checks in house after the first Marcus Jackson suspension uncovers prior domestic violence issues.

Monroe forces out the balance CMPD Reserves after months of heavy handedness.

Spends 95K while remodeling his office

Gives take home cars to “special officers” adding another 60k per year to the CMPD budget while taking assigned cars away from robbery detectives.

Arranges for a seized Nissan 350zx to be loaned to daughter’s boyfriend and authorizes a city gas card to cover boyfriends fuel bill. The boyfriend later is cited for speeding on two occasions and blows the transmission. The car is later sold at auction.

Monroe’s son and his buddies show up on myspace and face book wearing CMPD bullet proof vests to a college frat party.

Marcus Jackson files sent to Civil Service Board clean.

Chief Monroe forms his own football league in this case a Frisbee Football league. against the advice of his staff the chief demands officers partake in Frisbee football but before long injuries and workman's comp claims begin to take a toll on the CMPD patrol force and budget. At week after public radio station WFAE breaks the story the Frisbee Football League is scuttled.

Monroe authorizes 80k expense to buy new command staff uniforms.

Monroe accepts a $1,200.00 set of Golf Clubs from the Quail Hollow Golf Tournament while CMPD officers watch Monroe loads up his crown vic with the clubs and other gifts in the tournament VIP parking lot.

Spends nearly six figures on a CMPD Junket to Colorado

Authorizes a 29 Thousand dollar Christmas Party for 10% of CMPD staff and wives

Chief Monroe orders a color copier and laminating machine for the sole purpose of producing his own CIAA Basketball Tournament VIP parking passes. Threatens arrest when parking lot manager refuses to honor bogus parking pass.

As questions mount regarding Marcus Jackson Monroe pulls a soul train of lies and Charlotte City Council joins in.


Anonymous said...

good job cedar this is great

JAT said...

What about the trip to Australia? Did we ever find out how much that cost?

Anonymous said...

Some more observations:
The trip to Denver probably cost in the range of $100,000 or more.

How much is being spent on the reconfiguring of command staff offices right now?

How much was he OVER budget?

Had an Officer take his "secretary" from Richmond on a house hunting tour WHILE HE WAS ON DUTY.

The "Officer of the Month" cars.

Vicki was already a Major when he arrived, but look for her to get promoted to Deputy Chief.

I think his daughters baby daddy was served, don't know if he was arrested. But he had some things in his background that should rightly have kept him out of the academy.

Don't think he fired the secretary that was there, but made it clear he wanted her gone and his secretary from Richmond there.

And the trip to much was that??

All the promotions and lateral moves based solely on diversity.

Bogus crime stats, completely different way of reporting crime, relegated a Robbery Detective back to patrol for trying to get the truth out there.

Not getting a legitimate college degree, can't say that enough.

Ruling by intimidation, fear and fear of paybacks....creating a divided and hostile work place.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget this:

He CREATES a position for his buddy Ricky Robbins.

Robbins retired as a homicide detective (rodney's FAVORITE "squad")and has been hired back as some kind of laison to work with the families of victims.....a REDUNDANT job, as there are many agencies already in place that do that....oh, and he gave Ricky his "old" car as a take home car.
Not sure of the salary, but you could find out....I'm sure it's up there.

Anonymous said...

You know, I think romo and ray/ray expected to march into CMPD and bully and intimidate everyone, as they had done before.

I think they are actually surprised their scam didn't work and that everyone is not in lockstep with them...and that they are actually being challenged on their lack of ethics and integrity....and knowledge of how to run a PD the size of Charlotte, which is nil.

I think, I hope, that CMPD is better than that. From what I am hearing, I think CMPD is totally fed up with the way they are being treated and the way the department is being run.


Anonymous said...

How about a tea party at the LEC??? Seems like there is a lot of useless spending and corruption.

Anonymous said...

For all the CMPD officers that view this page you need to send it to more of your fellow officers to get involved.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the bogus "Parking Plackards" he had made up for his FRIENDS during the basketball tournament last year!

Anonymous said...

Darrellyn Kiser was Chief's secretary prior to the Apostle Rodney Monroe's divine arrival. She retired, and the Apostle Rodney Monroe hired his secretary from Va.

The Apostle Rodney Monroe is here to deliver the fair city of Charlotte from evildoers, no matter what the cost is, just ask city council. And he got some golf clubs!!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't put it past him to print his own currency up since he makes up his own rules at the PD!!!! He made his own parking passes for downtown??? Did I hear that right??? How unprofessional is that? What are these guys thinking????

Anonymous said...

He was given some golf clubs?? Is there not a policy against accepting gratuities? Last time I checked there was.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah there is, but I heard from a reliable source that he would do away with Internal Affairs if he could get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Kiser is not and never has been the Chief's secretary and she is still employed by the department. Stephens scretary was indeed replaced with someone Monroe knew in Richmond. She was given an assigned parking space in the deck next to Tarasovic's, which is next to Monroe's.

Stephens drove a Ford Escape. Monroe was assigned an Impala when he arrived but didn't want it and had the tricked out Crown Vic delivered.

Cedar Posts, Life Floating By and Meckburbia said...

I really covet the chief's Crown Vic!

Thanks for all the corrections and additions. Keep it comming. I'll start working of the order soon.


Anonymous said...

Under Stephens, the public information office consisted of two police officers and one civilian employee.

The civilian was fired shortly after Monroe arrived. The unit now consists of to officers, a captain, Rob Tufano (formerly of WBTV), and Laticia Goode for internal communications. Goode has some sort of ties to Richmond.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the public fit he had during the CIAA Tournament when the owner of a parking lot refused to let him park there for free using his bogus parking passes....he threatened to lock the guy up and had to be "talked down".

But I would say the biggest thing is his crime stats reporting.

He is clearly reporting crime differently than it was being reported at CMPD and this manipulation of the stats is one of the biggest fallacies of his regime.

Anonymous said...

Was he "showing out"

Anonymous said...

City Council approves a huge salary for a guy that doesn't have a college degree. He goes on lavish vacations. He is given free parking and free golf clubs!!!

While the CMPD peons don't get a raise, our health insurance goes up...ETC...ETC...ETC...Officer's can’t afford to live in the City we patrol…Way to boost morale and a feeling of ownership of where we patrol!!!!

Disgruntled City Employee said...

I don't care about much of any of this other than the fact that I have been here 12 years and have yet to top out on pay, and he can spend all this money on stuff that is not needed. I hate this department and the fact that I live a great life outside of this place keeps me going. Never have I ever seen so much disrespect for us and NO ONE cares other than us peon officers!!!It just amazes me how many people don't respect us anymore and I really don't even care to wear the uniform anymore than I have to. Why can't Bill James be on the city council? I am not a big fan of his but I am sure he would question Romo about his unethical practices....

For for all you Pro-romo people, it's not like we can just come up with all this stuff out of the blue. And it's not just because he's black. It's because he is wrong, wrong and wrong!

Anonymous said...

You are right. It is not b/c he is black. Stephens got the same criticism when he was wrong on certain issues. The only difference with this guy is he has no integrity, ethics, character, or personal responsibility. He is any thing but a good leader. He has children so he should understand the concept "Lead by example".

Anonymous said...

Please do not forget the robbery detective that tried to tell the truth about the crime stats reporting FROM THE VERY BEGINNING, and was " banished" back to patrol and threatened with a polygraph, and ridiculed and bullied.
He was the one lone voice in the wilderness from the beginning....and one stood up for him.

I say to DC Kerr Putney: "The man doesn't choose the moment, the moment chooses the man."

Anonymous said...

Hiring Practices????? There have been numerous Qualified squared away certified applicants who have been given one excuse or another last minute and not hired while non certified with ( questionable exceptions ) have been. Rumors of a possible lawsuit regarding this?????

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if anyone else has considered that he may have malignant narcissism? I am not trying to be funny or say something untrue, it just seems like it may's a list of traits if anyone is unfamiliar

Anonymous said...

Yeap, classic Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Anonymous said...

in reference to hiring practices, here is a link to a case from 1993 where cmpd officers sued the city for being overlooked on promotions. this was actually a race based reverse discrimination case meaning black officers were promoted prior to white officers that had more experience etc.anyway it should set a precedence. or give some information on a potential ruling if the hiring practice has anything to do with race regardless of the party or race discriminated against.

Anonymous said...

I posted the comment above before considering that the people involved may appreciate some discretion, so, if you read it, please treat that info as you would want it to be handled if your name was in it.


Anonymous said...

in reference to the narcissism, too bad you cant have an intervention to have him committed. how can the powers that be not get this?