Friday, January 29, 2010

A Month Later Questions Remain

Embattled Police Chief Rodney Monroe seems to be running a duck and cover operation.

What troubles Cedar Posts are the questions that a January 5th WSOC TV news story reported.

Accused Officer Suspended Twice Before Incidents

Fired Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Officer Marcus Jackson was suspended twice in 2009, just weeks before being charged with sexually assaulting two women during traffic stops.

Eyewitness News has learned Jackson was suspended for two days in September. An internal review board found Jackson was speeding on the way to a call. After a fellow officer crashed on the way to a call last summer, CMPD said Jackson reported that he and that officer were traveling 45 miles an hour when they were actually driving at least 75 mph.

In November, Jackson was suspended again for conduct unbecoming an officer. Police in Mint Hill responded to a call and found that Jackson had broken through a door to gain entrance to his estranged wife’s apartment. Because Jackson’s name was still on the apartment’s lease, Mint Hill Police filed no charges. But a CMPD internal investigation found he should have been charged with misdemeanor breaking and entering. For the second time in two months, he was suspended for two days.

Rob-T is working hard to spin the "we have made changes in our screening process" mea culpa while dodging and weaving around the mystery suspensions.

Truth is the failed screening is less concerning than a system that over looked wrong doing for the sake of diversity.


Anonymous said...

And in at least one of those suspensions, romo reduced the length of the suspension, Cedar.

And romo has done this in AT LEAST TWO OTHER cases besides the one with Jackson.

I trust this to be true.

Anonymous said...

Mint Hill Police taking over at 2 CMS schools
Posted: Jan 11, 2010 12:23 PM EST Updated: Jan 11, 2010 6:11 PM EST
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School resource officers

By Dedrick Russell - bio l email

MINT HILL, NC (WBTV) - Mint Hill police department may soon take over safety issues at several Charlotte Mecklenburg schools.

The town of Mint Hill has requested to have Mint Hill officers become the school resource officers for Independence High School and Northeast Middle.

Mint Hill officers are already patrolling at Mint Hill middle and will be stationed at the Rocky River High school opening in Mint Hill next school year.

CMPD currently serves Independence High and Northeast Middle.

Mint Hill police chief Tim Ledford says he doesn't know if these extra duties will be a stretch, but he is prepared if they are.

"We will address the concerns as they come up," the chief said. "We don't want the citizens of Mint Hill to feel like they are shortened in any way."

Ledford says if this changing of the guard is approved, the force will need to hire four more officers.

Charlotte - Mecklenburg school district will pay for the officers' salaries and the town of Mint Hill will take care of training and equipment.


Anonymous said...

Connect all the dots here, folks, it doesn't take a brain surgeon!

Anonymous said...

Oh Boy, NEW CAMERAS in CMPD cars, how much did THAT cost??

And still no raises for the Officers!

Funny Priorities for rodney and ray/ray.

How Much did this cost, what part of the two million over budget was this?????

Anonymous said...

DCtransplant said...
You do realize when Romo was in DC they had a period where they failed to process any back ground checks .They hired convicted criminals- felons as well as many many unqualified MINORITY officers. One of those unqualified minority officers responded to a house when her partner (a male officer) was shot and killed. His partner did not return fire.She atested that it was because her gun jammed- she was cleared . If memory serves me right she left the force...

January 30, 2010 12:19 AM

ThaQueenCity said...

I still say we should gather "peacefully" in force at one of the City Council meetings and at least voice our opinions. All of these blogs are great and necessary, but they just do not reinforce how sick and tired we the citizens are of our local government allowing all the unethical behaviors within CMPD, DSS and I am SURE there are more.

It is going tot ake something more to get their attention!

I had hoped some of the officers who have quit, retired, etc. would come out. Even some of the existing officers as well. But alas they are too afraid. I do understand that fear, but all it takes is ONE to stand up and say NO MORE to Monroe and expose HIM and RayRay!

JAT said...

Prompted by that WSOC-TV story, back on Jan. 5th I asked "why did CMPD put Marcus Jackson back on the street?"

The closest we have come to getting an answer to that question is Rob Tufano saying that putting Jackson back on the street with a badge and a gun was cheaper than firing him.

CMPD BLUE said...

JAT - When has Monroe ever worried about costs. Curt the Clown has given RoMo Cop an open check book.

Hindsight it would have been cheaper to fire the guy.

But the firestorm or all of this isn't about a bad cop because we all know it happens.

This is about CharMeck Gov-Co lying to the taxpayers.

If you read over all the coverage on Jackson with either Rob-T or RoMo as the source Jackson's hire date is a moving target. Sometimes June, July, September or November.

Tufano and Monroe speaking even in the same week tell of months apart hire dates.

Same with the suspensions never the same story twice.

Anonymous said...

Jackson applied in May 2008. Chief Stephens left June 1, Monroe started mid-June. Monroe signed off on his file going over to Civil Service in July. It went over in August. He started in the Academy in September. Monroe was in classes with Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Right you are...Rodney is two million dollars over budget already on the NEW budget.

Last year he was 2 million or more over budget.

He spends department money as he pleases, once again, with NO OVERSIGHT.

Where has all the money gone? And why aren't people (City Council and Curt Walton, maybe) more concerned?

Anonymous said...

You are correct, Cedar, it's less about the hiring at this point and more about what happened while he was a probationary Officer. And the cover up now and the disinformation being put out by rodney and ray/ray, and Tufano. (Well, that and what happened in Mint Hill...)

We, the public, must demand answers to many, many questions about this.

We just deserve to see the files of Marcus Jackson.

If rodney wants to start restoring some trust with the public, he needs to start with turning the file over in its entirety to the public.

the general said...

I wondered when someone was going to bring up the Civil Service review board. It used to be these people on the board had the final say so on who gets hired and who doesnt. An incident such as domestic violence would stand out like a sore thumb. Is it still that way? Is retired Major Norris Anderson still on that board. If so was he there when marcus jackson came thru? Now, you talk about someone doing a real dance around. Norris would dance around your questions and really make you wonder "WHAT IS HE THINKING" , and sometimes he would agree with you whole heartedly and once you left his office it was forgotten. Was he fooled also? Or does he know the truth? Other questions come to mind. Was the first domestic violence offense which he admitted to, in the file, presented to the civil service board? If it was did they question it? Why didnt they find the second one, or did they? Rumor hs it he told of the first one but not the second one. Somebody within this police dept knew he had the second offense. Or was it omitted at the chiefs request? There was someone at the academy who convinced rodney, jackson was a good guy and the incident was just a one time thing or it was just ignored totally. He was somebody's friend. That somebody being of rank within the dept. Find those members of the board at the time jacksons file went to civil service and see if they have any thing to say. What recomendation did he get from the police investigator that did his background. I think we know, but then he was overuled. Who was the sgt, cpt and major at that time over recruiting. They know the truth. What is the process an applicant has to go thru for cmpd?

Anonymous said...

Jackson was still a probationary officer, and had no civil service protection, so could be fired at the pleasure of rodney.

Don't know if he had to go through a civil service test yet, or if they still do that for new hires.

The issue is, why was he allowed to stay on as a probationary officer after he had two cases with IA????

And rodney, it at least ONE of those cases, lowered his suspension from 15 days to 2 days off....undermining the authority of Internal Affairs.

But I am told the officers call IA now, the Internal Office of Rodney and Ray.

And I have some primo swampland in Florida I will sell you if you think it had nothing to do with rodney's personal agenda of matter what the cost.

Anonymous said...

I thought someone had said that Major Persall was in fact Marcus Jacksons Auntie...isn't she at the academy or am I completely misguided??

Anonymous said...


It's so important to keep the pressure on. The corruption of CMPD by rodney and ray must be kept in the light!

From what I am hearing, rodney thinks he is invincible....he truly believes this folks, and that is dangerous thinking. But hopefully that will be his ultimate downfall here in Charlotte.

He is TWO MILLION over budget THIS year, and he was TWO MILLION or more over budget last year. Does that not CONCERN City Council??
If his manipulation of them on the Marcus Jackson Affair doesn't concern them, does his fiscal irresponsibility not concern them?

And I would really like to know what kind of "deal" was struck with City Council and Curt Walton to convince them to not even LOOK at the Jackson file? (I mean, we ALL KNOW THEY DID LOOK AT IT, and got scared by what they saw in there, it could probably politically end all of their careers).

The truth WILL come out, and they can be seen as helping that process, or covering up something that rodney and curt walton desperately do not want known FOR SURE.

There is not a person that I talk to at CMPD that does not know about the two suspensions of Jackson and the intervention of rodney. And about his personal intervention in two other cases in lowering THEIR suspensions.

Yet rodney is carrying on as if nothing has happened, it is nothing short of amazing that he still has the job...astounding, really, when you think about all the crap he has pulled in the short time he has been here, my god. That the manipulation of crime stats and how crime is reported wasn't enough, there is plenty more.

Keep the pressure on, Cedar.

I mean, what else is going to be revealed about his underhanded tactics before someone has the cojones to say, ENOUGH, no more, your time is up at CMPD.

Will it take the millions the city has to pay out for lawsuits?

And are "his" Officers going to get a pay increase this year?