Sunday, January 17, 2010

RoMo Spins the Fuel Pizza Encounter

After being silent all weekend Charlotte's embattled Police Chief made the best of the Fuel Pizza episode.

WSOC reported the following, well most of the following:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Rodney Monroe said he took "swift action" after allegations of an officer committing a sex act while on duty became known to him.

Chief Monroe also told WSOC that Almendarez was "forced to resign" on Saturday.

Monroe added that the resignation sends a message that (Amendarez' type of) behavior will not be tolerated.

"I wish that it had not occurred, but it did, and my responsibility is to deal with it, and that's what we're doing," Monroe said.

Fox News is quoting the chief as saying: “Just what we did. Forced him to resign. And it’s a message that we’re sending throughout the department and it’s something that we’ve been very clear about, we’re just not going to tolerate certain behavior."

After the interview Chief Monroe addressed his staff and stressed that the force "Will Not Tolerate Inappropriate Behavior".

The chief added that at CMPD "we're going to nip it, nip it in the bud!"


Anonymous said...

Maybe this is something he should have been stressing since he got to CMPD.

But it's hard to stress "ethics", when your own integrity is so very questionable. Employees tend to "follow the leader".

I honestly don't know how he can ever be any kind of an effective "leader". He can be an intimidater, a bully, but a a respected, fair minded leader ,a leader that men WANT to follow and whom they look up to?
I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Funny as all!

Anonymous said...

How do you force someone to resign?
Isn't that firing him? But, it's not legal to fire him without a CS hearing, etc., is it?
So shouldn't romo, once again, keep his mouth SHUT?
But he wants to look like he is "in charge" and he "forced" him to resign...more like threatened him.

The Officer should be GONE, but come on...

Anonymous said...

Monroe didn't do crap with this one. Almendarez was walking out the front door of the LEC with his personal effects in hand before the chief ever strolled into work that morning. The swift action against this piece of work came on behalf of the leadership of Eastway, which is trying its best to keep any further morons from embarassing this department any further. Before the sun came up Friday morning, Eastway sergeants had already figured out the story, sent Almendarez home, called in Captain Faulkner, and started the process towards pretty much telling officer wet noodle to pack his backs and hit the bricks. Lets not allow the news to let Romo take any of the credit towards smoothing this mess over.

ThaQueenCity said...

Ya know Cedar you have a pretty good following of CMPD Officers on your blog and I wonder if any of them can or will find the courage to get together and standup to RutMutt. Who knows maybe they are already have plans in the works?

It would be nice to see them band together and say "We're not going to take this anymore, because we don't deserve his self absorbed narcisstic dictatorship"?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:46 , Cedar, his post should be on your Front Page!

I have heard the same thing, romo taking credit for something he had nothing to do with.

And why hasn't the Frisbee Football story gotten more play in the press?
This "bad idea" has cost the taxpayers a LOT more money than the silly Christmas medical costs, come on.
He has spent more money on other things at CMPD than that party...he has spent so much money on his "pet projects", let's research this (media) and do a little digging. The trip out to Colorado, How much did that trip cost? So many more things....his grade is an F...for FAIL. Between the out of control spending, the bogus college degree, the bogus crime stats, the promotion and lateral moves with no credence given to experience, tenure or fit but based on his agenda of diversity at any cost, the lowering of admission standards at the academy, the discontinuation of leadership classes and other classes at the academy, the "punishment and payback" and bullying of anyone that dares to question him or to come up with an ORIGINAL goes on and on and on.
When will CMPD have had enough and STAND UP TO RODNEY, RAY/RAY AND CITY COUNCIL?

Anonymous said...

I heard today about a NEW way of doing things in IA regarding board hearings for Officers that rodney and ray/ray have instituted.

From what I am hearing, NO ONE, NO ONE likes this new "idea", and do not think it is representative of how IA should operate.

Once again, a lame idea/decision made with NO feedback from the people that it will directly affect.

The current way of manning boards has been in place for literally years....because it is FAIR and logical and it WORKS. It has assured that officers got a fair shake in IA.

Once again, these two idiots have made a change just to be able to say "changes were made".

They couldn't make a right decision if their lives depended on it. Just another horrendous example of poor, poor judgment. Yes, made by rodney and ray/ray.

They are literally ruining CMPD, folks.

Anonymous said...

Band together? Do you morons think working for CMPD is a democracy? Rally against RoMo Ray/Ray? How brilliant. If an employee is told he should resign, it is up to the employee to resign or not. He/she can be suspended on the spot without pay, and told that a hearing would occur to determine their future. Given that they allowed the officer to resign, it saved a lot of time going through the process of firing him. Would you want to go to Civil Service and try to defend your actions?

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:31
I'm thinking they told him criminal charges would be forthcoming if he didn't "resign".....and I don't blame them a bit. But I think it was a mistake for rodney to say "they forced him to resign" to the media....big mistake.

From what I hear, it would be possible to take a stand against rodney and ray/ray.....

All that would have to be done is to get together, with some members of command staff included, and show up at City Council with the proof that is out there and demand something be done. Or report all the crap they have done to SBI, but from what I hear, that one has already been done by more than one person.

But you better be sure you have facts and proof, because rodney and ray/ray are a couple of vengeful little SOB's...for sure.

Anonymous said...

The behavior that CMPD should no longer tolerate is that of rodney and ray/ray.
Let's start at the very top and clean house.
Won't City Council send the same message by getting rid of rodney and ray/ray? And Curt Walton for hiring this thug to begin with.
I mean, really, how can he preach to his employees about proper behavior and ethics when he doesn't exhibit either one?

Anonymous said...

Nip it! So F-in funny!

Anonymous said...

this department sounds like it is run by a bunch of thug gang bangers. What is that "Ray Ray and Romo"? Do they really refer to themselves with these names?

Anonymous said...

Charlotte has to have the most uneducated chief of police in the country with cities similar in size. I think someone should look into this. I bet you all cities the size of Charlotte or bigger have qualified Chief's of police. The whold thing makes the police department so unproffesional and a joke. If he really cared he would enroll at UNCC immediately and finish his degree, but what does he do? He lets it pass by just hoping that everyone will forget about it. He could not even manage his own college credit hours, what makes anyone think he can manage a police department. Everyone knows that he knew what he was doing when he got his so called degree. He has just opened the door for officers in the department to be held to a very low standard.

Anonymous said...

Romo should be sent to patrol and have to wait until his degree is completed before he can put in for the Sergeants process, and Deputy Chief Putney should show him how to run a police department.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:32


Hell, all of the Deputy Chiefs, with the exception of Ruth Story, have MASTERS DEGREES.

And romo can't even get a legit undergraduate degree, not even from Phoenix Univ.

Of course he knew he was being handed a degree that he didn't deserve, what, do we have stupid written on our foreheads?, of course he knew....and PEOPLE AT VCU LOST THEIR JOBS BECAUSE THEY AWARDED HIM HIS BOGUS DEGREE, and he let that happen. That's what kind of character our "chief" has.
He has no empathy, no ethics and no character, and doesn't tell the truth, frequently: let's look that up in a psych one textbook.

JAT said...

Didja catch Mayor Foxx telling WSOC there is "no word" if Ofc. Pepperoni will be charged?

For his own political standing if nothing else, the mayor should be jumping up and down demanding charges, but he is evidently afraid of Curt Walton too......

Anonymous said...

I feel sure he was "asked" to resign and they wouldn't bring criminal charges against him...don't know this for a fact, but it makes sense.

If I were the mayor, I would put as much distance as I could between myself and rodney monroe.

When rodney is finally caught in all the untruths he has told, he will most certainly be a political liability.

Rodney's lack of judgment is appalling.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cedar and JAT:
I heard that the Frisbee Football has been canceled.

Now, if it was not something they should not have been doing to begin with, would they let the MEDIA shut them down?? Hmmmmm....

Anonymous said...

So I guess it's OK for the Chief to participate in bad behavior---like lie about a degree, but it's not OK for the peon officers to participate in bad behavior...

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:26
That has been the point from the very beginning, the point that Randy Hagler TRIED, without success, to make clear to everyone. It is my understanding that when Randy TRIED to tell people that this would be a real problem, he was ridiculed and even received death threats.
Well, he was so right.
How can anyone respect rodney? I don't know anyone that really does.

Anonymous said...

Its time for a BLUE FLU

Anonymous said...

I cannot understand why you people hired this clown after what he did in Macon. He destroyed that department and destroyed the lives of some very good law enforcement officers. what were you thinking?

Anonymous said...

At the Macon Police Dept. Monroe did away with the "Hiring Board" and put one of his self appointed Lt's in charge of all new hires. The result was awful,MPD hired several members of the UNITED NATION OF MOORS. the leader of that sect was arrested for child molestation. 30 of them later resigned in mass. He will destroy your dept.

Anonymous said...

People who are unqualified doesn't stop at the top with romo/ray ray. Take a look at our Hollywood stars in Homicide. Have they ever solved a real who done it case. They are way above their heads. This is a fact.