Sunday, January 17, 2010

Charlotte Observer's White Washing of the Marcus Jackson Saga

The Charlotte Observer has glossed over CMPD's failure to "vet" Marcus Jackson. The in-depth story on the front page of today's paper, details the department's failures yet fails to address the core issues in CMPD's recruiting process or uncover the facts.

From the Charlotte Observer: The hiring of police officer Marcus Jackson, who is accused of sexually assaulting five female motorists, has revealed flaws in how the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department screens officer candidates. You can read the entire story here.

Buried in the local update on the back page of the local section is the rather uninformative "Fuel Pizza" story.

The "CMPD Mega-Saga" continues later this week when Charlotte City Council again takes up the Marcus Jackson personnel file.

Expect the Observer's Kevin Siers to have fun with the Fuel Pizza story.


Anonymous said...

Let's just hope that City Council gets the WHOLE, ORIGINAL FILE, Cedar.

Call me jaded, paranoid, but I don't trust that this will happen.

But how will the public ever know?

Will the public ever get the whole truth about this?

I want to believe that this will happen, but from the spin that rodney has been trying to put on this to save his butt, I honestly think he would do just about anything. And the people around him, from what I am told, are afraid to tell the truth. Which is no excuse, no excuse at all.
Someone, as people keep saying, needs to stand up to this duplicitous bully and do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Nice OJ Simpson job on the photo!

Anonymous said...

Don't you find it strange that RoMo wouldn't answer questions about the Jackson "saga" but Deputy Chief Ken Miller sings like a canary?

Why doesn't RoMo answer the questions?

The way I see it, when he hides like the chicken shit he is, it makes the whole city think he has something to hide.

PR 101 saying no comment is the worst thing you can say.

Like putting a hand up to a news camera and walking away, we the public take it all very personally.

Anonymous said...

it's the same reason he doesn't type his own emails to the department. He has his right hand man, chief of staff "Ray/Ray" do it.

He has no education!!!! His interviews are worse than watching a professional athletes.
"uhmmmm, uhhhhhh,, ya know wha I sayin"

The only email I ever remember coming from his computer was his two word response:
"who approved!!!"
This was his response to a posted job opening available to ANY qualified officer.
Apparently the job listing did not come his desk first. Doing it this way (the correct and equitable way), did not meet his standard of putting his person in the spot before it had a chance of being put out department wide..
This is honestly the ONLY email that he has written to my knowledge. Shortly thereafter, Ray Ray was brought on to do his communicating for him.( so that he would not look like the uneducated, under-qualified HORSES ASS that he is)

And whatever happened to the personal touch of the annual birthday card.?..Stephens even took the time to write his..It wasn't stamped like Nowicki's.

People were so ready to get rid of Stephens.....What I bet they wouldn't give to have him back..
Come on folks, wise up! Get rid of this MORON...

Anonymous said...

That's funny. I remember that whole "who approved!!!" e-mail. Not only was it completely unprofessional, but shouldn't it have had question marks, being that it was a question??? I remember that was back when Romo first took the helm and halted all transfers anywhere. I couldn't see it then, but now that my eyes are open, just like many others, he probably halted all transfers so that he could sneak in his picks without anyone noticing.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that Jackson had two suspensions prior to his sexual assaults while on duty. I have also heard that the chief overturned one of the suspensions that was 15 days or more to two days. Can anyone confirm this or is it just another rumor?

Anonymous said...

anon 10:02
Of course I can't confirm this rumor, I don't have access to the files, BUT I have heard it from reputable people at CMPD that this, indeed, is the case.
One tv station covered this two suspension story a few weeks ago with a no comment from CMPD.
Then rodney made the statement at his
"look at me" news conference that there was no truth to the rumors out there.
But he has said that before, and been wrong.
So, I guess we'll have to wait and see if City Council gets the whole files that haven't been whitewashed.
Or, for the civil and maybe criminal trials that are coming.
I'm thinking if Jackson goes to trial and doesn't plea out, these files will be right there.
Someone asked if they could change or take info out, I don't know.
But other people whose jobs are on the line I would think would not want to be involved in any kind of cover up like that.
So, I guess we'll have to wait and see.
I had also heard that he had reduced IA recommended suspensions in two other cases unrelated to Jackson....of diverse employees.

Anonymous said...

Heard the same.....two lengthy suspensions shortened to two days...I heard Major Pearsall has some connections to Jackson.....can that be confirmed or denied?

Anonymous said...

I heard that he had "connections" to someone on command staff....I have heard two different names.

There was a Professor from, I think, UNC on the news tonight talking about the two officers....she made some astute observations, "cultural issues within the department", You think? people have been trying to get this out there for quite a while....and she also said it was a systemic problem, meaning it affects every part of the dept. starting from the Top Down.
Well, if you have been listening closely since rodney arrived, you really don't have to be a Professor to figure these things out.
You cannot be an effective leader if people don't respect you, from the beginning with his lack of a legitimate degree and the way he sidestepped the issue, respect for him evaporated. And it's only gotten worse as a result of his actions on many things.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Everyone in a command staff position should just sit back, let him run the show, and make his own decisions. Then watch the whole thing come tumbling down. He will then have no choice but to take responsibility instead of pawning it off on everyone else.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Rodney has ever taken responsibility for his bad decisions, he has always had a layer between himself and the decision, he has insulated himself with a buffer, and that buffer is ray/ray.
And anyone else he can conveniently point a finger at and convince/coerce to take the fall for him.
But, hey, City Council and Curt Walton have let him get away with every wrong decision he has made.