Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Waiting for RoMo's Other Shoe to Drop!

The old saying is pretty much ..... well old.

But it is also how most of us who have followed the RoMo saga feel.

From the day that his embellished resume was reviled along with his "awarded degree" we've been waiting for the other shoe to drop. In the process he has turned the once proud CMPD on its head, hired his buddies and family members and helped spread a pandemic of cronyism throughout Charlotte.

While his command is a failure, he has managed to spend our tax dollars on command staff uniforms, take home cars, rearranging the parking deck, a lavish Christmas party and updating his offices.

He has promoted officers to high command ranks with little regard for anything but the color of their skin and dismissed the long serving Police Reserve unit.

His leadership style is that of fear and intimidation and he has shown that his standard of ethics is of no more value than his degree from Virginia Commonwealth University.

All the while riding a wave of declining crime stats that have little if anything to do with his management of the Charlotte Mecklenburg police department.

Now with charges against Marcus Jackson, we the citizens of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County are waiting for the other shoe to drop.

We know its coming but when?

A side note:

Waiting for the "other shoe to drop" a phrase that finds its roots in the early part of the last century with a story that goes something like this.

A Irish man comes in singing late at night to a boarding house, rather the worse for wear from his spell of drinking.

After loudly dragging himself up the stairs and banging doors, the entire house is now awake.

He sits on his bed, drags one shoe off tosses it up in the air and with a loud thud it drops to the floor. Guiltily remembering everyone around him is trying to sleep, he takes the other one off much more carefully and quietly puts it on the floor.

He then finishes undressing and very quietly gets into bed and drifts off to sleep.

Meanwhile the rest of the boarding house is now awake lying in their beds waiting for the "other shoe to drop".


Anonymous said...

The other shoe will be how low the standards have been dropped in order to be more "diverse" in the recruitment phase. The rumors are flying about dangerous drug "experimentation" by and arrests of some applicants. Time will tell though, since he hand picked his new Academy staff.

Anonymous said...

And for him to put it out there that he has somehow "tightened" things up at the academy is just a blatant lie.

What he has done, so I am told, is to put all of his "hand picked" people out there that are loyal to HIM, and not to CMPD, which is how he likes it.

Starting with "Major" Pearsall, who was promoted to Major after not being a Captain for even a year. He changed the rules so he could promote her.

Anyone at the academy that did not agree with him, starting with those that didn't think his daughters' childs father should be admitted, were punished by being sent back to patrol. That's how Romo rolls.

He HAS lowered the standards for admittance, I would LOVE to do an independent background check on all the new "recruits" in the current class. I am sure we would hit the jackpot!

But the other "shoe" is the current Marcus Jackson debacle and will be the lowering by rodney of his recommended time off from 15 days to 2 or 5 days, and that he had TWO disciplinary actions during his probationary period and was not let go. How many freaking red flags did rodney need. But it goes to his judgment and his personal agenda of diversity at any cost. And he is being completely disingenuous with the public and the press about his role in this whole thing. He had many opportunities to fire him.
I have also heard that this happened with several other people of diversity, that he intervened and lowered their recommended time off.

This is inexcusable, totally inexcusable.

Anonymous said...

Im not sure how credible this it (but certainly worth looking into), someone very reliable at CMPD told me that there is a subject in the academy RIGHT NOW that was charged with ARMED ROBBERY!!! Although never convicted he was still charged. Thats messed up....

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget that Curt Walton hired this Bozo. Curt should be held accountable as well.

Anonymous said...

Yep, good 'ole boy Curt Walton...I sure hope he is squirming now, he should be.

I just heard on the news and read on the Observer Blog that Rodney is now trying to cover his ass by saying that as soon as he arrived at CMPD that he "replaced" people at the academy because he wasn't happy with their work.....WTF???????

Even I know that is a blatant lie,
he replaced people there BECAUSE they challenged him on his changing and lowering standards for admission to the academy.
And I also heard that because a few recommended against hiring his daughter's baby daddy, that he was pissed about that and retaliated for that.

If I were those people that were "replaced", I would be royally pissed and I would speak out about this travesty. Monroe has stooped to throwing good people under the bus to save his own ass...but what's new, huh?

This is a new low for him, though...a new low.

When is the media going to talk about the two suspensions Jackson had before the women came forward???? And that rodney intervened to lower Jackson's disciplinary time off from 15 days to 2 days, and that he has done this on a few other occasions, coincidentally to people of diversity, so I am told.
I don't work at CMPD, but boy, this pisses me off.
And also that he put a NEW Major in charge at the academy, one that he changed the rules to promote, she had been a Captain for not even a year? The MINIMUM requirement was two years. She was promoted over many, many white males that had more experience and tenure than she had. Immediately upon taking the job at the academy, she left for a three month training program at the FBI Academy and was gone for that amount of time. Oh yes, she was hand picked by rodney for this FBI training.
Really, folks, can you not see a clear and dangerous pattern here???

Anonymous said...

The Observer is going to run with the reduced suspension story in Friday's paper.

You can bet RoMo is asking for his brown pants.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've heard from several people over the past week that there is a recruit in the academy...or one that is slated for one of the upcoming classes, that is either a suspect or has been arrested in connection with an armed robbery. I've also heard from these same people (that have many academy connections) that Romo wanted to completely FIRE an entire class of applicants that have already been told that they are hired and given an academy date because he did not feel that the ratio of future recruits was 'diverse' enough. They only thing that stopped this was someone did enough leaning on Romo to convince him that many of these applicants have already left jobs, made arrangements to move within the living radius, and made other changes that would make it a total nightmare to fire all of them.

Anonymous said...

Here's yet another blow to morale at CMPD: officers who have busted their rears to get REAL degrees are being told when they turn in their paperwork for their 5% raise upon graduating, "We'll send it up, but all raises for education have been frozen." No warning whatsover was given. These officers got no raises this past year, and many have been working extra hard to finish their degress so they could get some kind of pay raise...then they are told, "Sorry, we don't have the money." Yep, ROMO can have a big fancy Christmas party for his sycophantic buddies, buy white shirts for all the command staff, shrink-wrap unmarked cars with 80,000+ miles on them, etc., etc., but there's no money for education. Not surprising, I guess, from a chief who isn't even qualified to be chief due to his non-existent degree. Why should he think education is important?

Anonymous said...

This is not to be believed.

And yes, the real losers in this are the hard working, honest men of integrity that toil every day at CMPD. The ones that became police officers to actually make a difference and help people.

IMO, rodney is NOT one of these men.
He has no business being a chief of police anywhere.

From everything I have heard about this man he is all about rodney and nothing else. He has practiced reverse discrimination to the nth degree, blatantly and with impunity.. to the detriment of cmpd and the many officers who have been passed over after years of hard work because of rodney's personal agenda and bias.

Over and over and over again he has gotten away with blatant ethical violations and probably unlawful violations.

When will it end? It started out with a lie over his bogus degree and has only gone downhill from there. He has screwed over a lot of people, a lot of people in his career. Let's hope it stops in Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

Cedar you know it's not long before RoMo starts looking for an "upgrade" soon he'll be looking for some new vics.

And good ridence

Anonymous said...

So there is Anthony Foxx saying on tv that "He believes that chief monroe was being truthful with the public".

Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?

He has never been honest with the public!

Cedar Posts said...

I want to thank everyone for putting up with the "word verification" the blog was getting spammed on a regualar basis, which wasn't a big deal until some jerk laid down a link to a virus infected web site.

I may turn the verification off in a week or so and see how it goes.

And how about RoMo and those press conferences too funny if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

I know, he should never speak in public.
And what a farce, his statements (lies) will come back to haunt him.
The funniest is Foxx saying that monroe "has been honest with the public"....that's a good one.
I think Foxx better unhitch himself from romo, he doesn't want to go down with him!

Anonymous said...

The thing about the press conferences is that they are surely going to come back to haunt him.

If he had any leadership qualities, he would have said FROM THE BEGINNING that he couldn't comment on an ongoing investigation.

But, IMO, I believe he was anxious to claim his "innocence" in the whole deal....he handled it so wrong. And I think he thought if he put "spin" on it, his part in it wouldn't come out.....WRONG. He has made so many enemies, everywhere he has been, burned way too many bridges with depts. No one is rooting for him. Except, of course, his "loyal" cadre of ass kissers, but that is to be expected. He HAS NO HUMILITY, that is what I am told by everyone. He is ego driven to the extreme.
Well, whatever, one can only hope this will be his day of reckoning, while there is still something left to salvage at CMPD.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Cedar, I have been told that an email has gone out to everyone at CMPD of new IA procedures.....

They really make NO seems romo is just going to screw everything up while he has the chance. Seems if it was not "his idea", even if it works and it's a GOOD procedure, he is going to change it just for the hell of it.
(I, personally, from everything I hear, don't think he has ever had an "original" idea.) And his ideas are all "old school", ideas that are long outdated and proven to not really WORK.

It's like when he first came, dismantling all special units, only to recreate virtually the same units again, only he can now "take the credit" for them.

What a sad, sad set of circumstances for the CMPD. I feel for everyone there.

He really can't leave soon enough.

Anonymous said...

About the poll.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Christmas dinner cost nearly $29,099.00

But in a department of more than 2000 employees only 273 of the attendees were CMPD employees.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Chief Rodney Monroe defended the expenditure as a way “to boost morale and cultivate a culture of motivation and teamwork.”

He has a point. Policing is dangerous and often thankless work.

But in a department that provided none of its employees with raises this year, nearly 30 grand for a party seems, well, criminal