Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Amy Bishop Was Charged With Assault in 2002 IHOP Dispute

Why does our justice system fail to protect us from nut cases?

You have by now heard the story of Amy Bishiop the University of Alabama professor who decided that getting turned down for tenure was reason enough to kill 3 co-workers.

And you have also heard by now Ms. Bishop also shot and killed her brother back in 1986.

Now there is this little bit of news:

In March, 2002, Bishop walked into an International House of Pancakes in Peabody with her family, asked for a booster seat for one of her children, and learned the last seat had gone to another mother.

Bishop, according to a police report, strode over to the other woman, demanded the seat and launched into a profanity-laced rant.

When the woman would not give the seat up, Bishop punched her in the head, all the while yelling "I am Dr. Amy Bishop."

Bishop received probation and prosecutors recommended that she be sent to anger management classes, though it is unclear from court documents whether a judge ever sent her there.

The woman, identified in court documents as Michelle Gjika, declined to comment, saying only "It's not something I want to relive."


Anonymous said...

Our justice system failed? If only we handed out life sentences for every fight at an IHOP or Waffle House. What a safer world that would be!

The General said...

Yes soemtimes the justice system does fail. But the real reson it fails most of the time is because of you left winged liberals out there that dont beleive in punishing the criminal. What kind of punishment is it when you send a person to prison. Its no big deal to them. They get three square meals and a cot. Thats more than they had before. If you want to stop crime make the common criminal suffer for their actions. Bring back the chain gang, remove the moratorium placed on the death penalty, take away the tv's, the games, the free time, the conjugal visits. Make them suffer. Then ROMO wont have to fool us with his statistical manipulation of the stats. Crime will slow down if the criminal feels the pain and suffering YOU felt when your loved one was killed or raped by that wasted form of a human being. Fear of pain and being incarcerated is the only form of punishment the thugs understand. I would liked to have been at the IHOP when she decided to assault the woman. She would have paid for that act of stupidity.

Anonymous said...

NO BIG DEAL to be sent to prison? To never see your child sleeping peacefully or to share Sunday dinner? Never to attend their graduations or weddings?
And PLEASE answer this Mr General...If you had been at that IHOP how would you have made her "pay for her act of stupidity"? Sounds like everyone involved acted inappropriately. And who appointed you as her judge and jury?? You do not have first hand information about what happened. There are always two sides, you know.

Anonymous said...

Sept 1, 2009 Michelle M. Gjika, 42, of 21 Bowen Road, Peabody, was arrested at 2:34 a.m. by Patrolman Thomas Hennessey and hit with three charges of assault and battery on a police officer, two charges of witness intimidation, destruction of property over $250, resisting arrest, negligent operation of a vehicle, and drunken driving. No further information is available.
IS this the same Michelle Gjika that had the altercation with Amy Bishop? Google that name and see what comes up.