Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Attorney General Eric Holder At CMPD Friday

United States Attorney General Eric Holder will be in Charlotte on Friday for the graduation of CMPD's latest training class. The White House press release is here. You can expect that members of the Charlotte City Council and Board of County Commission as well as Mayor Anthony Foxx will also be on hand.

Wonder what Chief Monroe and AG Holder will talk about?


Cedar Posts, Life Floating By and Meckburbia said...

RoMo can't talk to Holder, he'll have to take the 5th!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Holder should do a little "investigating" while he is here.

If he is smart, he will keep far, far away from rodney monroe. And he really should not have his photo taken with him...for Holder that would be such a bad move!

Stimulus money brings him here...How could rodney be two million dollars over budget, EVEN WITH stimulus money? And two million over this year already!

The General said...

Why is he here? Does he have a relative in the class? What political advantage is there for this man to be in the company of ROMO and his non truth telling command staff. The worst chief in the history of CMPD going as far back as i can remember. It was called CPD then and heads were held high with dignity and honor.

Cedar! Take that picture of romo off the front page. It makes me just nauseated everytime I open this site.

Anonymous said...

Holder and Monroe are buds from Monroe's D.C. days.