Monday, February 1, 2010

Bin Laden 'Furious' That John Edwards' Tape Is Scarier Than His

File this under Ewwwww!

Leave it to North Carolina politicos to add to our state's history of wackos running for public office. Seems there is some truth to the Edwards-Hunter Sex Tape.

So much so the even Osama bin Laden is upset!

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) The Central Intelligence Agency has intercepted communications from Osama bin Laden indicating that the al-Qaeda mastermind is "furious" that John Edwards' sex tape is scarier than any terror tape he has ever produced.

According to a CIA source, Mr. bin Laden was miffed that he released a new terror video last week only to have it overshadowed by Mr. Edwards' tape, which the al-Qaeda leader deemed "far more terrifying."

"Why is it that we cannot produce anything this frightening?" an incensed bin Laden reportedly demanded of an underling. "We must hire this Rielle Hunter person. She has a true talent for terror."

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