Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Peacock and Dulin Running the Same Play

Talking with several followers of Cedar Posts it seems City Council members; Andy Dulin and Edwin Peacock, III are taking the same page from the "How to be a Shank Politician" play book.

Both Dulin and Peacock are refusing to answer questions in writing about their vote not to review the Marcus Jackson file. Instead both offer a phone number and a call me and we will discuss reply. Of course when citizens call all they get is a recorded message.

Perhapes this photo from Council Member Dulin's facebook page says it all.

Peacock's email has been so over run with Marcus Jackson and Rodney Monroe questions, that he has changed his email addy for Council Business.

The automatic reply forwarded to Cedar Posts reads:

PLEASE NOTE: Effective 2/1/2010 my new email for correspondence related to Charlotte City Council will be epeacock@ci.charlotte.nc.us Thanks!

So the heat is on, what Cedar Posts doesn't understand is why the Republicans are not calling for fiscal responsibility, something Chief Monroe doesn't understand and why they are not taking a hard line on accountability. Something Charlotte Republicans have always understood.


Anonymous said...

I got the same reply from Dulin when I emailed him about Marcus Jackson:
Call me.

Nothing in writing for these guys..and I

And HE WAS THE ONLY ONE THAT REPLIED TO MY EMAIL.....crickets from everyone else.

Nice, huh?

Anonymous said...

Got the same as well. Nice couple of D'Bags. Whats RoMo got on these guys?

Wait .... RoMo sounds like?

And notice no wedding ring on his short stubby finger?

Anonymous said...

Crickets that is funny.

I wrote Obama, you know 1600 Penn Ave, Washington DC?

The guy wrote back twice, ok it was a staff member, but still I got a reply.

I can't say as much for anyone on City Council.

JAT said...

Let me give you my best, honest guess at the Dulin/Peacock mindest.

Crime is down, the chief is black, and my voters like the police to come when they call. There is no upside in criticizing Monroe and CMPD brass -- none. The small percentage of voters who care about fiscal responsibility and govt integrity cannot mount a credible primary challenge to me, so why tack to their world-view?

The worst that will happen is that the city will have to pay some big settlement -- and the worse case from THAT is that all the waste and mismanagement at CMPD will help spur the city toward tax hikes. Which I will oppose.

And continue to be elected.

Anonymous said...

There is more than just a wedding ring missing. It seems that the Chief is missing something from around his waist. What could it be? A gun, extra magazines for the gun, radio, hand cuffs, pepper spray, baton and taser. Ok, I will give the man a break. At a bare minimum he should have the gun, radio, magazines and handcuffs. I would expect him to act as a police officer should a crime be committed in his presents. He did take an oath to protect and serve, right?

Anonymous said...

JAT, I fear you are correct.

The perception of crime is down, that's the real killer here, it is the perception, not actual crime.

And how did you like Rob Tufano's explanation as to why rape was supposedly the only crime that was up? Because women felt more comfortable with "rodney's" police dept. reporting rape, and that the PD had done a great job of "educating" women on how to "avoid" rape. I don't understand why women aren't marching on CMPD with statements like this. Total bullshit. Another "Tufano Moment", someone needs to compile a list of his quotable quotes.

What most at CMPD can agree on, rodney is corrupt and will go to any means to save his own ass.

If these politicians shared a brain between them, they could see the writing on the wall.

Rodney's huge ego and disregard for anyone's opinion but his own will be his downfall.

The Marcus Jackson case is it....when the truth comes out, and it always does in some form or another, they are going to wish they had not aided and abetted Curt Walton regarding rodney monroe.

Anonymous said...

I doubt either Peacock or Dulin give a rats butt about Charlotte. I'm sure they think no one reads this stuff. But surprize it does get around. Keep up the good work cedar!

Anonymous said...

Here is a quote from Dulin's Facebook page that accompanied photos of the opening:

"This new building reflects a trend to move Division HQs out into the neighhoods where they serve and improve response times and overall service to the public."

A "trend", IDIOT, does he KNOW how long there have been "district" offices......granted, they are not all brand spanking new fancy offices.

How long has he been on City Council? And he doesn't know this is not a NEW "trend"????

The stupidity of elected officials never ceases to amaze me.

And look at some of the racist, inflammatory comments his "followers" have left on his page, that he ALLOWS to stay up.

What a redneck imbecile.

Anonymous said...

Rodney is really short, isn't it?

He doesn't wear a GUN? OMG.

Does he have to qualify as anyone else on CMPD at the range?

Anonymous said...

That was an old photo, from back when Monroe hadn't passed the state exam so he wasn't legally able to carry a gun. I can tell because he is wearing the nice old uniform and not that ridiculous white shirt with gold crap all over it that he wears now.

Anonymous said...

RoMo loves gold so much I hear he's going in for a gold grill if Curt the Clown will pay for it!

Anonymous said...

OMG 9:24 that is the funniest thing I have ever heard. -Can someone please put a picture of what that would look like on here.