Friday, February 5, 2010

Charlotte City Council Supports Chief Monroe WFAE Says Questions Remain

Despite recent revelations that Chief Monroe had repeatedly lied regarding Marcus Jackson, Charlotte City Council members continue to strongly support the Chief.

"I believe I can speak for all my colleagues and tell you that we all support Chief Monroe. We have seen unprecedented improvements in the area of public safety over the last 18 months and we should all be pleased with that." - Michael Barnes Charlotte City Council

"I support Chief Monroe & look forward to receiving cont'd good results from his leadership in lowering Charlotte's crime rate." - Warren Cooksey Charlotte City Council

"I support Chief Monroe and he good work he is doing." - Susan Burgess Mayor Pro Tem

WFAE's Lisa Miller tries to explain why Charlotte's City Council has moved on:

Last month, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Rodney Monroe said he only knew of one suspension against former Officer Marcus Jackson. He said that suspension involved speeding.

Jackson is the rookie officer who has been accused of sexually assaulting six women while on duty. WFAE reported this morning that a review board suspended him twice. A memo addressed to Monroe detailed a second suspension involving a domestic dispute.

A Mint Hill police report says Jackson forced open the door of his estranged wife's home, damaging the door and frame. A review board suspended Jackson for a period of 16 hours and said he should have been charged with a misdemeanor for breaking and entering. In this segment from Friday's All Things Considered, WFAE's Simone Orendain discusses some of the immediate reaction to the revelations.

Read the rest of Simone Orendain and Lisa Miller's report here on WFAE.

Finally Neal Rodgers the attorney suing of behalf of two of Marcus Jackson's victims says he believes details about this second suspension shows the city was negligent.

"It confirms I believe suspicions that we have had all along that there is more to officer Jackson 's story and why he was retained on the police department that neither we nor the public has learned," Rodgers says.

Cedar Posts hears there is some sort of DC Metro connection. Much like that of Foster, Ray-T, Rob-T and Pearsall.


Anonymous said...

When did Council appoint Michael Barnes as their spokesperson? He must be taking lessons from Tufano. What a presumptuous, pompous man.

Anonymous said...

And to think these are the same people who are going to grant themselves a 4 year term instead of the 2 year term they currently serve.

Anonymous said...

Yea, it's all good, until it's not.

They better rethink their position as the evidence of rodney's deceptions and coverups continues to mount up....they will be held responsible in any civil lawsuits for their lack of oversight.

Let's see how they like being sued personally for their failings.

Anonymous said...

hate to say it, but it looks like the only person in a position of power in this city that has not signed up to be Rodney's bitch is the DA. Is it not true that if there is criminal conduct the DA has a responsibility to prosecute if he receives enough evidence? maybe not, but it might be worth a shot. He may actually enjoy that right before he retires.

Anonymous said...

the officers that have been passed over for promotions due to diversity issues need to sue. It will not look good for him since the 1993 ruling was pretty clear and you better believe that the police attorneys office is fully aware of that case ruling so he has no excuse.

Anonymous said...

The council has no choice but to support the little tyrant. But people are starting to take notice and someone in the command in leaking this info because they want RoMo gone. And you know he is having another one of his famous hissy fits.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, you better believe rodney is pissed off.....and his fits of anger are already legendary.

Finally, someone is willing to take a stand for the truth, and rodney is obviously not used to that. He is used to always getting his own way through fear and intimidation.

Looks like officers are really tired of that and want to work at a PD that stands for honor and integrity.....and not back room dealings to save your own butt.

That is all the statements from City Council are about, saving their butts.

I believe it is WAY too late for that, the genie is out of the bottle, and if City Council members don't have the balls to actually do something about the gross violations of conduct by rodney, I believe the SBI and the FBI finally have enough evidence to investigate big time.


And City Council has continuously ignored what is going on with CMPD.
Gross negligence on their part.

Yet they keep issuing these patronizing statements to the public.....who actually aren't that stupid to be taken in with them.

Can you say huge COVER UP, starting at the top????

Anonymous said...

somebody needs to get some video footage of his tantrums and post them. the more he has the closer he is to coming undone. its actually a very good sign and shows a loss of control, so keep em coming.

Anonymous said...

Those on Council who still support Monroe are taking Tammy Wynette's "Stand By Your Man" to a whole new level!

Anonymous said...

You know I am married to one of the Officers who were passed over due to Diversity, he has a very very good case and should sue. However he is afraid of taking on the city by himself, plain and simple. Everyone says oh yeah you should do somethiing and trust me he has talked to an attorney, but the people who actually can help him won't all they can say is their hands are tied and it was the Chiefs decison. You know every member of the Command staff from Romo down should be deeply ashamed, it sickens me to know how hard certian officers work to help improve their abilities and to do the job right, to better serve the public then they get pushed aside because honestly they aren't black enough.It pisses me off even more that City Council allows this to go on even though Charlotte has a discrimination policy in place- well a supposed anti discrimination policy- Does that not apply to white males??
What is wrong with everyone who works for Charlotte?? How can you just sit there and pass the buck?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:13
I have to believe that the FBI is looking into this.....and the SBI certainly SHOULD be looking into it.

This has happened before in Charlotte, and was resolved with a lawsuit.

Seems the City Attorney has a very short memory.

I am sorry for the fact that people don't have the guts to stand up to rodney....a Chief that has CLEARLY lied, and has a history of not telling the truth.

How can he have ANY credibility left?

And even if an iota of what is out there is true, it's enough.

You are right, there are SO MANY CMPD Officers who have done it the RIGHT WAY, they have worked hard for a legitimate college degree, have put themselves out there to get the proper experience, have gone above and beyond in their training to become eligible for LEGITIMATE promotions only to have the WHOLE SYSTEM skewed by rodney and ray/ray.

I have heard, and am convinced, that the reason rodney has not announced the upcoming promotions, is because the spotlight is on his reverse discrimination and the tactics he has used to put his cronies into jobs they really are not qualified for. I think he is hoping it will all blow over (THE SURVEYS) and it will be business as usual promoting based on diversity and cronyism.

WHERE IS THE PUBLIC OUTRAGE OVER THESE THINGS? And where is the support for the officers that are being passed over?