Friday, February 5, 2010

Internal Affairs Memo Told Monroe That Officer Jackson Should Have Been Charged in Domestic Incident

Chief Rodney Monroe knew Jackson was a time bomb, but did nothing according to a report by WFAE.

A CMPD review board ruled that during the incident where Jackson broke down the door at his ex-wife's house that he had indeed violated two Rules of Conduct – "unbecoming conduct" and "conformance with laws."

In a memo dated the same day, Major Tim Danchess of CMPD's Internal Affairs Bureau informed Chief Monroe of the review board's ruling.

The memo says, quote, "The Mint Hill officers incorrectly thought that since Jackson's name was on the lease he had a right to gain entry to the residence, when in fact, his actions constituted a misdemeanor breaking and entering."

The memo goes on to say, "The board determined that the allegations were sustained. The corrective action was determined to be that Officer Jackson be suspended for a period of 16 hours."

Yet Chief Monroe took no further action and Jackson continued his assault on women.

According to several CMPD senior officers that Cedar Posts has been in contact with, Jackson should have been fired for falsifying a police report in July. Further CP has learned that Jackson's application file was sent up to the Civil Service Board "clean" and yet Chief Monroe told the media, that he knew nothing about either the second 2005 attack or the attack on Jackson's ex wife.

Clearly the Chief has been lying.

Given the fact we know that Jackson should have been fired in July or at least after he attacked his ex-wife, what should we do with the man who should be setting the example for the entire department?

Remember back in Janaury we were telling the world about Jackson's "2" suspensions while Rob-T and Rodney were saying "1"? Yep that was Cedar Posts.

Jeff Taylor at The Meck Deck and WFAE were paying attention, Chris Kirkpatrick at the Observer was pushing the story but he was losing traction.

Even now the major media outlets, Charlotter Observer, WBTV, WSOC aren't paying this a lot of attention.

Warren Cooksey even tweets he looks forward to supporting the chief.

So where do we go from here?

Do we condone Chief Monroe's behavior? Is lying to the public ok? Maybe that is why Ray Tarasovic has tendered his resignation effective July of this year? Maybe he couldn't take the lying any longer?

But besided Cooksey, who else thinks lying to the public is OK?

Honestly Rodney Monroe was a bad hire, Curt the Clown Walton failed to properly vet Monroe and I think Charlotte really does deserve better.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness, FINALLY!!!!

Great reporting by those two!!

Can City Council IGNORE THIS, ALSO??

Let's hope not....

Now that these two reporters have done their due diligence, let's hope City Council has the guts to do theirs. Something that should have been done by CC and Curt Walton a long time ago.

Let's see them spin this and try to sweep it under the rug.....

Oh Rob, what say ye??

Anonymous said...

Dulin needs to be voted off of council. Monroe is just a lying sack of stink and needs to resign.

JAT said...

In other words, the personnel file run-around bought the city two weeks.

What did they do with that time?

Did they settle any emerging but not yet filed civil suits? Get Jackson to sign off on a plea deal before he realizes how much power he has?

Or are they not that smart?

Anonymous said...

I think Jackson is an idiot for not hiring an attorney yet!!! He should sue CMPD for letting him continue on his sex assault rampage!!!

ROMO is so intent on bringing diversity to CMPD he's cutting off his nose to spite his face! I didn't realize that there was a diversity problem there in the first place???!!!

Anonymous said... know what they did with those two weeks it bought them? They apparently went into a retreat where even though the felt that there would be no way to again give public safety a raise, they praised, adored, and bowed at the feet of King Rodney, where they said, 'Oh, your highness, "You are improving over your own performance", all of the crime reduction is your doing and we owe it all to you.' Just read the Observer:

But still no raise.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why that link cut itself off...I'll try again:

Anonymous said...

What a total disgrace Monroe has become! Love the photo of Dulin and Monroe.

But in the day both of them would have been tared and feathered and dropped off in Belmont.

Good ridence to them both!

Anonymous said...

Why is Monroe still Police Chief?

Anonymous said...

Rodney has been LYING about this all along to save his butt and the butt of Curt Walton, simple as that.

From what I have been told, Mint Hill contacted CMPD about the incident and rodney was informed, then there was a kind of, shall we say, an "understanding" was facilitated between the two PD's not to bring any kind of charges. Then somehow, someone filed a report with IA and they HAD to investigate...this is what I am told happened. Also that a Major from CMPD was the "go between" between the two PD's on this matter.

As for others wanting him fired before all the charges were brought, etc., I am told there were many, including the Division Commander of Eastway.

But, as usual, WrongWayRodney insisted on not listening to wiser heads and proceeded to get his way on this, as with SO MANY other things he has not taken wiser counsel on. Jackson must have had some kind of "connection", huh? Or was it just rodney's full steam ahead diversity at any cost?

Now, really, how are they going to hide this and make it go away..


If they don't, they are SERIOUSLY not doing what they should ethically do, and will be doing a great disservice to the public trust of them.

Anonymous said...

Failure to Command. Clear and simple, grounds for termination.

And in Rodney Monroe's case, conduct unbecoming.


Anonymous said...

I was nice to hear Cooksey congratulating Rodney Monroe this week on his lower crime numbers.

My concern is what type of leader do we have in Chief Monroe? Clearly he has been lying about the Marcus Jackson case.

Clearly Cooksey has been fooled or maybe he's in on the cover up as well?

Rob Turfano says there are no "black helicopters" flying around Charlotte.... considering what WFAE is reporting I'm starting to wonder.

Will Charlotte remember Cooksey voted against looking into the Marcus Jackson case?

I hope so

Ditto for Dandy Andy Dulin

Anonymous said...

The absolute HERO in all of this is the one person that has shown the strength, integrity and honor in helping to life the veil of corruption at CMPD.

Bravo to them!!! They truly deserve some kind of metal!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typo, they deserve some kind of medal!

Anonymous said...

A few years ago, an officer who used to work for me got in trouble out of town. It did not even occur to us to interfere in that department's process, especially involving one of our officers. The culture of integrity at that time was too strong. Wow. How things have changed.

Anonymous said...

Wow. The biggest non story of the year so far.

This isn't watergate people.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said 2:49

You are so right! This is nothing up in DC all the cops lie!

Getting a little ass is part of the perks. RoMo's been hitting it a hard as he can.

So what if the Chief is crooked, most of CMPD is just as bad or worse.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:49
You are an idiot, sorry, can't help it.

That you don't realize how big this really is, just reflects on how out of it you are.

The Chief of Police in a MAJOR metropolitan city has been caught LYING.

When the Chief of Police is caught red handed in a lie, and then consequently lying MORE, to cover his tracks, AND allowed someone like Marcus Jackson to stay on the force against the advice of others, showing his horrible judgment, once again, it is BIG FREAKING DEAL.

Then scammed others into LYING FOR HIM, which he has a history of doing, this impacts the whole police force and the city of Charlotte.

Are you on City Council? Sounds like it.

Anonymous said...

If you think this cover up and Big LIE is a non story, you are crazy.

How many people did he enlist to cover this up from the very beginning, starting with the Mint Hill Police Department?

Now he has involved not only how many of CMPD people, but ANOTHER police department in this?

This is HUGE, folks, but I am sure, once again, they will try to spin it as "no big deal".....but this is a BIG DEAL!!!!

Talk about "plants", I am sure Anon
2:49 is one of rodney's cronies.

Warren Cooksey said...

I support Chief Monroe & look forward to receiving cont'd good results from his leadership in lowering Charlotte's crime rate.

JAT said...

Warren, you well and truly deserve everything that is coming your way.

Your contempt for your fellow citizens -- not to mention CMPD's sworn officers -- is astounding.

Anonymous said...

Can we get Cooksey removed from office for being insane? Have you ever heard him make a understandable statement during a council meeting? I think he needs some real help.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what RoMo is thinking now. I doubt he's going lose any sleep over WFAE but the Observer will run with this on Sunday.

Cooksey is on another planet, but he's the best reason for term limits I can think of.

Anonymous said...

Warren, if that is truly you, you really are an A-1 IDIOT.

You are aiding and abetting a LIAR.

You and your compadres are allowing this travesty to continue....and I hope when the lawsuit that hits you personally comes, you are as nonchalant as you seem to be about the safety of Charlotte.

To let someone of rodney's truly horrible character, lack of honesty, integrity and ethics to continue to fool you with his bogus crime stats is inexcusable, totally inexcusable.

Crime is NOT DOWN, he has lied about that as he has lied about everything else.

This is really a Failure To Command and Conduct Unbecoming to an Officer, and from the top guy that is supposed to be setting an example for the rest of his officers.

You should be ashamed of yourself for YOUR DERELICTION OF DUTY AND TOTAL LACK OF OVERSIGHT OF CMPD AND RODNEY MONROE. YOU ARE JUST AS GUILTY AS HE IS.....maybe more so, as you now know about his LIES and continue to bury your head and ignore it.

Anonymous said...

LOL, boy are you going to really regret that statement when the truth about how crime stats have been manipulated and how rodney knowingly mislead the public about them comes out!!!

It really is amazing that anyone of your limited number of active brain cells is representing the people of Charlotte.

You, and the rest of rodney's butt kissers will be singing another song very soon.

But actually I am glad you made that statement, you won't be around come next election time.

You really are a homophobic jackass! LOL

Cedar Posts said...

Yep that is Warren Cooksey

I hit him up on twitter (@WCooksey)how do you feel about Chief Monroe now the WFAE Has played part 2 of 4?

His tweet back:

I support Chief Monroe & look forward to receiving cont'd good results from his leadership in lowering Charlotte's crime rate.

Go Figure!

ThaQueenCity said...

COOKSEY enjoy it while it lasts because YOU will NOT make it another term! We don't need nor want crooks like you representing us. Did he forget "WE" elected him? What AN IDIOT!

Anonymous said...

What I would like to know, has IA opened a case on Rodney??

Surely his conduct merits it.

If it were anyone else on CMPD, I have to believe a case would be up and running on them...

Seems even more important if the character and credibility of THE CHIEF OF POLICE is in question...wouldn't rodney want his name cleared? Wouldn't he welcome an investigation into this mess??

And why isn't City Council DEMANDING answers???

Anonymous said...

JAT and Cedar,
Just remember this, the personnel file of Marcus Jackson will only have SUSPENSIONS in it....and if both suspensions were never carried out, surprise, they won't be in there.

It will not contain any info of WHY he was suspended, if the suspensions were in there.


If they don't see his IA file, his personnel file may not really tell them anything....this could be one way rodney gets around this.

So City Counsel and whomever need to see his IA File in conjunction with his Personnel File.

You know, the file that Tufano saw, the IA file.....

JAT said...

Anon 11:13pm.

Yes, it is clear now that the great personnel file flap was total misdirection. The WFAE stories make that clear. An IA investigation resulted in the suspended false police report file and an IA memo to Monroe in November detailed the Mint Hill incident.

The relevant question now is if Curt Walton knew about that Nov. memo when he was running around saying he had everything under control.

Anonymous said...

From what I have been told, Curt and rodney are in on this whole cover up together.....and it really only makes sense, as they are true "co-dependents". If rodney goes down, curt goes down, and if curt goes down, rodney goes down.

And we have a do nothing, look the other way City Council.

They keep using the "lower crime stats" and "safer city" crap to deflect answering the real questions.

Listen, I have been told repeatedly by people I trust that the CRIME STATS ARE TOTALLY MISLEADING. The way they are being reported is totally different from the WAY THEY WERE REPORTED BEFORE RODNEY arrived.

And do you LISTEN to the news every night?

If anything, he has eroded the public trust, and made it so much more difficult for his Officers to do their jobs effectively and with any semblance of feeling good about where they work.

And when you finally start connecting the dots, this travesty all leads back to diversity at any cost and the lowering of standards within the department to accomplish .

And the longer City Council ignores this and hopes it will go away, the more they are going to be held responsible in any kind of civil actions, period.

Cover your butts now, pay later.

Anonymous said...

No, Cedar, LYING to the public IS NOT OKAY.

And when those lies are coming from the top law enforcement officer in Charlotte, something must be done about it.

I mean, if this was ANYONE else on the police force, it would be a reason for immediate dismissal.

Is rodney somehow ABOVE THE LAW?

It seems he has convinced some on City Council he is.

I assure you, he is not, and neither is City Council.

Although City Council, in all their
naive or corrupt glory, are refusing to grab this tiger by the tail, it's going to turn around and bite them hard.

And I think many will be glad to see them exposed for what they truly are, rubber stamps for rodney and curt.

ThaQueenCity said...

OK, I have to say it....does anyone else wanna tape his ears back??? RuttMutt I mean.. LOL...sorry but honestly everytime I see him I want to run and get some scotch tape!

Anonymous said...

Really, Warren KOOKsey is so far out there it's rather scary....does he ever think before he opens his pie hole?

But, Cedar, once again the mainstream media is ignoring this story, and one has to continuously ask WHY? What is it about this story and this chief that scares them so?? And seems to have hoodwinked the public AND City Council???

What is the next step to getting this story out and getting rid of a police chief with no integrity that has a history of misrepresenting himself and now is caught in a blatant lie?

Is everyone on City council really this naive, or afraid of being called a racist because they take a stand against corruption at the very top of the PD and City Government?

It is baffling, to say the least.

Are we that willing to accept the PERCEPTION of lower crime that rodney and ray/ray have tried to manipulate the public into believing? Really, listen to the news, listen to your neighbors...then how can you believe the drastic percentage drops in crime.

Take away the perception of lower crime, and what do you have left?

Massive overspending at CMPD, the cover up of a critical error in judgment by the chief, the misrepresenting the facts over and over by the chief and his pr person, and the list goes on and on.

You would think that this case, the Marcus Jackson case, would be the tipping point............but City Council is totally ineffective.

Cedar, what can be done to demand action and answers?

Anonymous said...

Go back to March 16, 2009 on your Blog and read what you wrote about Curt Walton....

Prophetic, huh???

JAT said...

Anon 3:05 -- Now I have a splitting headache. I had forgotten about that crap.

Monday morning, I go to war....

Anonymous said...

All right!!!!