Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Council Member Dulin Meets With Curt Walton

Andy Dulin loves to tweet and at 1 o'clock he tweeted:

"Back at the Gov center to meet w/ the City Manager."

Charlotte's twitter nation held its collective breath hoping against hope that Dulin was about to grow a spine and tell Curt Walton what we already know that Rodney Monroe is a bad hire and he either shapes up or out he goes.

Then at 3:40 he added:

@adulin: "2 things: I just scored Bobcat tix 4 2night (Conner will B plsd) & I'm on my way 2 a mting w/ former Boxing World Champ Kelvin Seagbrooks."

There you have it kids, Charlotte GovCo at work, Council member Dulin pays a visit to Curt Walton, (we hope to discuss Chief Monroe's employment). A little more than a hour later council member Dulin leaves happy with Bobcat ticket's and a renewed sense of purpose.

Rodney who? Cover Up where? Who are the Bobcats Playing?

Frankly I like Jeff Taylor's comparison of Andy Dulin to Micheal Scott.


Michael insists everyone in the office think of him as a friend first, a boss second, and "probably an entertainer third", as did David Brent in the original version. Michael holds inflated views of himself and considers himself an office comedian, but his attempts at humor tend to fail. Often, he says things that are inappropriate, offensive, or unwittingly mean in the hopes of getting a laugh. He lacks maturity and self-awareness, has few friends, and is quite lonely, made worse because his efforts to make friends with people usually backfire. Michael will resort to any means possible to make himself the center of attention, and often takes credit for the successes of others. His subordinates, with the exception of Dwight Schrute, think of him as inept, and several of them remark that they get their work done when Michael is distracted.

Michael wasn't always an incompetent employee at Dunder Mifflin. Before he was promoted to regional manager he was a great salesman, able to relate well with clients and using his personable attitude to his advantage. However, his promotion put him into a position above his level of competence, making him an embodiment of the Peter Principle.


Anonymous said...

Yes, hmmmmmmmmm, wonder what "stories" they are concocting now to add to the cover up that is going on?

Will City Council, and Charlotte, really stand still for a Chief of Police that has lied to them, it seems on more than one occasion?

Will they really tolerate this?

Anonymous said...

Who knows? The sad part is that the public have no clue what is going on behinds the doors of CMPD. They blow some smoke up everyone's butt and that's what keeps them happy I guess. Thank god I am not a Charlotte tax payer!

Anonymous said...

So, did he get the tickets "gratis" from Curt Walton.........OMG, he is absolutely shameless.

This is what these second rate politicos LIVE for, free crap and perceived "perks", it does make them feel important.

Dullard is truly an idiot, and the more he "tweets" the clearer it becomes!

Cedar Posts said...

Just to be clear, Cedar Posts doesn't know for a fact the Mr. Dulin got the Bobcats tickets from the City Manager.

Anonymous said...

OMG that is so funny Andy Dulin really is Micheal Scott!

And you know he got those tix for keeping quiet! Bet they are floor seats as well.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Rob Tufano is getting ready to get the boot....have heard this from a few different sources.

It true, I can definitely see why.
Either he has given bad advice, or given good advice and rodney doesn't respect his expertise enough to trust him and listen to him.

From what I have seen from his interviews, he is disingenuous, or he is not being told the truth.

Whatever, it doesn't seem to be a "good" relationship...no trust.

Anonymous said...

No more tweets from Andy Dulin for you Cedar!

Anonymous said...

Cedar and JAT:
I also heard that a certain CMPD PR PERSON has a "mole" inside a certain tv station that is passing info along to him, so be careful , people...rodney's regime will stoop to unknown depths to try to CATCH and "punish" people for telling the truth. This takes up a large part of their time, time that could be spent on say, actually leading a PD?

This person has the initials of B.M. and is sometimes referred to as an item on a Fast Food Restaurant.

No kidding.

I have heard this from a few different people.

And knowing the "relationship" between this so called "reporter" and monroe, it DOES NOT SURPRISE ME.

So I wouldn't be saying ANYTHING around her that I didn't want to get back to the rodney round table.