Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sarah Palin at Daytona

Kendra Jacobs who is a media relations rep for Hendrick Motorsports tweeted a photo of herself and Sarah Palin at the Daytona 500 on Sunday.

Seems Ms. Jacobs is a fan of the former Alaska Governor and one time vice presidential candidate.

I had the pleasure of meeting the then Governor just after the election in 2008. I think she's just fine as a celebrity but president? Nah.

Don't get me wrong I really do like her. Prior Cedar Posts 24 Hours with Sarah Palin


ThaQueenCity said...

Gotta agree, she is NOT what we need as a presodent! I acutally think she is kinda dingy...

Anonymous said...

Hey TQC, it's called "spellcheck".
Learn it, use it.

Cedar Posts said...

Nah we don't worry about spelling or keyboard mistakes ar Cedar Posts. Cedar can't spell anyway.

I hated my history teacher at South Meck since she gave me a big Fail because of my spelling and not the essay. A year later I used the same paper in College and took home an A.

ThaQueenCity said...

Actually I used to be able to type much better, for me it is called age! LOL....that and I think faster than my fingers will move!
You know what not only did my typing style change after a year on chemo, but my memory (ability to come up with basic words) AND my hand writing, which is horrible these days:-(

But that is OK, I will try and do better next time. Sorry 7:30am but I have a feeling it is more about my dislike of Palin that irritated you than it is my typing.

But alas I still do not like Palin :-)

Cedar Posts said...

ThaQueenCity I like your typing and don't get yourself a hard time about the age thing you are way young at heart and that is want counts.

Anonymous said...

Hey Queen,
You are brave enough to get your opinions out there, don't worry about the spelling and typos!!

And I think Sarah Palin is, there is really no polite way to say it, a "Dimbo"....yep, I know, I made the word up, but it fits her perfectly.

At least you're not writing political policy on your hand! :O)