Tuesday, February 9, 2010

David Beckham

Cedar got a little flack for posting Brooklyn Decker's SI cover. So in fairness to all and per the request here's David Beckham.

For what it's worth Cedar doesn't have a lot in common with Beckham, maybe soccer ..... yep Cedar can bend a corner kick, pretty well I might add.

Beckham has Posh Spice, Cedar has a Spice rack. Beckham has his famous sleeve tats, and the big eagle on his back. Cedar has some long sleeve t-shirts and one has the Eagles on the back. Piercings? Beckham six, Cedar two..... don't ask. Beckham has a Bentley Continental, Cedar has a Trek Bike with Continental tires.

And so on.....


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Anonymous said...

...and Spice has a nice rack...