Tuesday, February 9, 2010

WSOC Tweaks Uber Tweeters Dulin and Cooksey

WSOC's Blair Miller took to the airwaves tonight pointing out the text, tweet, and email habits of City Council and County Commission members.

The question Ms. Miller is asking: What do Charlotte taxpayers think about city council and county commission members tweeting during their meetings?

Blair Miller:

During a January city council meeting, councilman David Howard focused on his phone during a presentation from Charlotte tourism officials.

In that same meeting, Patrick Cannon shared a message on his Blackberry with fellow Councilman Michael Barnes.

In a January county commission meeting, Commissioner Dumont Clarke frequently checked his e-mails and text messages. And while Commissioner Karen Bently expressed concerns about the budget, George Dunlap checked his Blackberry. Even Harry Jones, the county manager, was using his smart phone during the meeting.

City Councilman Warren Cooksey is known to update Twitter, a social networking site, during meetings. But he said he uses the site as a tool for keeping constituents informed, and is still able to pay attention to what’s happening in meetings.

“Well, I don't [update Twitter] while people are speaking to us,” Cooksey said. “If you watch, I will always focus my attention on the member of public who's speaking to council.”

In a January meeting, Eyewitness News found Cooksey tweeting while speakers were giving presentations.

Watch WSOC's report here.

Cedar Posts thinks, let them tweet away, as it provides a valuable insight to who these people are and what they do with thier day.

Reviewing a week's worth of tweets from Cooksey, Cedar has learned that he is late a lot but was early to the Council retreat.

Reviewing a week's worth of tweets from Andy Dulin, Cedar has learned the he is a pretty cool dad for a ski bumb and his bowel movements are not regular.

Monday night Dulin declared via his best Steve Martin impression that he and Cooksey are "Just a couple of wild and crazy Guy's"

Best tweet of the day is from Chelsea Handler:

Lil' Wayne is going to jail today...great, now what the hell am I going to do for Valentine's Day?

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