Thursday, February 11, 2010

John Edwards Beach House

I can't find anything news worthy in the John Edwards saga. There are no likable cast members. You can't have a good soap opera unless you have some one to love, an underdog to cheer for.

In the Tiger Woods fiasco we cheered for Erin. With Brad Pitt we rooted for Jennifer Aniston to find love and get past her bad choices and longed for Anna Nicole Smith to get her life together.

But the John Edwards crowd is just the same sleazy Jersey Shore bunch with slightly wealthier backgrounds.

So file this under "there goes the neighborhood" because John Edwards has reportedly signed a contract to purchase this Bald Head Island Home.

You can see more photos here of the maybe might be Edwards/Hunter home.


Anonymous said...

Nice house and better Bald Head Island then Eastover!

Anonymous said...

He is such a slimeball, truly a slimeball.

paula said...

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