Thursday, February 11, 2010

WFAE Posts Both CMPD Internal Affairs Memo to Monroe

In a new twist WFAE posted the September 14, 2009 and November 5, 2009 memos from Major Tim Danchess of CMPD's Internal Affairs Bureau informing Chief Monroe of the suspensions issued on Marcus Jackson.

Yesterday WBT's Pete Kaliner told listeners that he has spoken with a "CMPD Source" who pointed out that WFAE's Victoria Cherrie was twice turned down for employment with CMPD.

Cedar Posts originally reported that Ms. Cherrie applied as an officer, this was incorrect and CP regrets the error. Ms. Cherrie applied for a position in the communications department.

It may be that CMPD's cheap shot prompted WFAE to post the memos to defend the creditability of their reporter.

The Meck Deck's Jeff Taylor points out the CMPD's Deputy chiefs, CMPD/City Attorney Mark Newbold, Monroe's chief-of-staff Ray Tarasovic, Northeast Service Area Major Diego Anselmo all were copied on the memo.

All but Kerr Puntey and David Graham who retired early in December of 2009 stood side by side with Monroe as he told reporters and City Council about the arrest of Marcus Jackson. Then on January 12, 2010 Monroe read a prepared statement regarding questions that had been circulating.

In part Monroe said: "Some are asking why wasn’t Jackson immediately terminated after an earlier act of misconduct, which was not related to his recent arrest. The media reports as it relates to what Jackson was charged with do not accurately reflect the circumstances of his case." You can read the entire statement here.

Later when asked about suspensions the Chief replied: "I'm aware of one time, one incident that he's been suspended for and that involved speed, operating a vehicle outside of policy."

Listen to WFAE's February 3, 2010 report on Jackson's first suspension here.

Listen to WFAE's February 5, 2010 report on Jackson's second suspension here.

Listen to WFAE's February 5, 2010 report on CMPD's Marcus Jackson case here.


Anonymous said...

Is this finally the "smoking gun" for which we have all been searching? This would seem to be clear proof that RoMo (and others) were aware of both suspensions and has been participating in a cover up all along. It is my hope that this is not allowed to slip under the radar like the other issues to this point.

Anonymous said...

This is only one and two of hundreds of smoking guns. Monroe is on the run now, he got caught in a lie that Ray-Ray and Rob the Flack helped make up. For months people have read this blog and shook thier heads and disgarding it as just bunk!

So far one hero has stood up and gave the media what they needed not just words but proof.

Are you not tired of the fear? Stand up speak out Monroe has got to go.

JAT said...

Why was Kerr Putney talking to Mi Gente after the arrest without reference to the Nov. 5th memo?

Anonymous said...

I never doubted WFAE. But I don't understand why no one else picked up the story with the exception of WBT Talk Radio.

Any one have an idea?

JAT said...

WBTV's Tom Roussey followed up last night
trying once again to get Mint Hill police to explain Jackson's non-arrest.

Reporters do not like to beat their heads against a stonewall while be lobbied non-stop that they are wasting their time. It also takes time to develop unofficial sources of credible, accurate information. Add in Charlotte's traditional clubby, closed power structure, and I am really not all that surprised in the coverage to this point.

But the dam is gonna break real soon.

Anonymous said...

I understand that the CMPD command staff is under house arrest and Monroe has gone nutty on everyone.

Why don't the Deputy Chiefs revolt this is crazy.

I'm just saying.

The General said...

Finally, someone within CMPD is supplying the news with 100% proof to show monroe is lying and committing a major cover up, assisted by all his cronies. I would just love to know who it is. He or she deserves a medal and a huge thank you. I have a defense lawyer friend who just would not beleive monroe was guilty because we could not show him in black and white documents proving monroe was lying. Maybe I can convince him now and then he will take the ball and run with it. Maybe, DC Putney is the one. I would like to think so. He was a lost young man after rodney came, beleiving all the lies that were told. Who would beleive your friends would ever lie to you?? He started stepping on a lot of toes and punishing great officers, aligning himself with those he believed were his friends. Well, maybe he will remember what I told him and apologize for his actions. But first he has to start speaking again, since he has failed to do so since our last conversation. He was a great guy and I beleive he could return to being that person again. No matter what the boss can do to you it means nothing in comparison to what you can do for the troops. The most important human endeavor is the striving for morality in our actions!!Monore is not a CHIEF. He is only in that position.

Anonymous said...

CMPD Command staff under lock down until the Jackson Gate deep throat comes clean. Monroe in search of a goat.

Anonymous said...

Yep, on lockdown and searching high and low to try to find out how the memos got out.

Whomever is responsible for them getting out, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK have managed to make credible the many, many people that have been trying to tell ANYONE for the last months that Rodney Monroe is as corrupt as the day is long.

And, the SBI OR the FBI need to step in and investigate Rodney Monroe, Ray/Ray, CMPD and the Mint Hill Police Dept.

And I believe that Kerr Putney is the one to lead CMPD out of this moral wilderness they have been exiled to since Rodney and Ray came to CMPD. From what I have heard, he has TRIED to right the ship. He is a man of integrity and ethics, from everything I have heard. But he has been held back and dragged down by ass kissers,
Medlock, Miller, Story, Foster and all the rest of Monroe's "cronies".

And the "goat" Monroe is looking for is easily accessible, just look in the MIRROR, Rodney....that is if you can stand to look at yourself in the mirror.

Do the right thing, and just freaking LEAVE, RESIGN, before you take even more down with you.

You're done, your credibility is shot, you have no self respect, or any respect from your Officers.

Your 15 minutes of being "important" is over.

Anonymous said...

One correction:
The information provided to me (which I relayed on the air) was that WFAE freelance reporter Victoria Cherie had twice applied for a job at CMPD.

I did not say (nor was it told to me) that she applied for a police officer position. I was told she applied for a job and was turned down twice.

I believe WFAE is responding now - saying she only applied for a job once in the Communications office.

-Pete Kaliner (WBT)

The General said...

There is a GOD...Finally someone sent proof of his lying and I see none of his robots standing in for him. I hope it was Putney.I hope he has come to his senses and come back to the good guys playing field. Surely he wont say he doesnt want to be Chief now after all the hell he has been thru. There are enough officers out there to back him if he wants the job..And what would please everyone even more would be if he does take the job he would change the promotional policy back to its correct state and then take back some promotions...What a grand day that would be.

Anonymous said...

It's time for City Council to be called out somewhere other than WBT Radio. They can put pressure on Walton and he is the only person that can give Monroe the boot.

Anonymous said...

We need to blow up City Council's email in-boxes?

Cedar has been nice enough to post all the email addys as he/she say on the right hand side bar.

DO IT! Let's fill up the in-boxes of theses do nothings!

Anonymous said...

Someone below is very wrong on D/C Story. She is NOT drinking or making Romo coolaide. She knows he is an idiot.

The General said...

So D/C Story knows monroe is an idiot. That may be. She sure made an idiot out of herself when she involved herself in the Reserve debacle. She sided with monroe and expressed no qualms about it. And whem monroe came and spoke in front of her and foster and the Cpt he made fools of them and it was obvious they were making decisions on their own to do away with the reserves. The looks on their faces at some of monroes comments were pricelss. It was obvious he knew not of some of the changes they were making which of course were detrimental to the Reserves. Trust her...??? NOT

Anonymous said...

Trust R. Story? NO WAY.

From what I am told, she is like so many now at CMPD, (or maybe they were always like this, but now it is just too obvious), out for herself.

It seems like I hear no one trusts anyone else, and it is this culture of distrust and fear that rodney has cultivated at CMPD.

But people have ALLOWED him to do this, he and ray/ray have taken something very valuable from people at CMPD, their self respect.
And, sadly, they have allowed it.

I know all the reasons why people have not been able to speak out or up.

But now is the time to lose the fear, realize rodney is on his way out, and hasten his departure!!

I would be surprised if he, and some others, didn't face criminal charges....listening, Curt?

Anonymous said...

Keith Larson did his whole show on Rodney Monroe and Marcus Jackson today, it was EXCELLENT, and often I don't agree with his politics, but he is always fair.

He spoke the words so many of us have been speaking for MONTHS, and I want to thank him.

And also to thank Lisa Miller of WFAE for breaking this wide open!!

THIS IS NOT GOING TO GO AWAY, no matter how much City Council, Curt Walton or Rodney Monroe want it to.

We CANNOT tolerate our Chief of Police lying and covering up his failure to command, lead by his personal policy of DIVERSITY AT ANY COST. And this policy is going to cost him and the city PLENTY.

Anonymous said...

The deputy chief's of CMPD have very little choice when it comes to Ray/Ray or RoMo as he is affectionately referred by his minions. He can replace them at will. They are in a pinch and when he says stand with me,they risk a lot not to do just that. I personally know Ruth Story and she is as ethical and honest as they come. Cannot say the same for "noser" Harold Medlock. Check his employment record. Made D.C. in RECORD TIME as did Kerr Putney. A lot of cleat marks in the backs of others!! And I'm interested in the "new" SWAT type uniform being issued to all patrol officers - not very community friendly in my way of thinking. Let's see what the community thinks!!