Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Texting While Driving

The Observer has a little ditty about a father and daughter who admitted in the Raleigh News and Observer that they were talk and text addicts. Which got them a bunch of hate mail and some really nasty comments. You can read the first story here. And the follow up here.

Yep I text while driving, plus I don't wear my seat belt except on the interstate or back roads, I also drink, swear, answer emails, blog, call my ex, give instructions on how to take apart a generator all while driving. I can trim my nails, watch ESPN mobile, check the NBA and College Hoops scores and check my voicemail. I also speed except in a neighborhood or school zone.

Is it smart? No, but I've been talking on a cell phone since 1987 and texting while driving for at least ten years.

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