Tuesday, February 2, 2010

CMUD's Mr. Bean Calls it Quits!

According to the Charlotte Observer Doug Bean will retire next month rather than face the onslaught of complaints and lynch mob carrying torches and pitchforks.

The Observer reporting:

The director of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities will retire next month, a change that comes after a number of complaints from residents about erroneously high water bills.

Doug Bean, 59, has headed CMUD since 1994. He said in a statement this morning that he will focus on the high-bill problem for the next month before leaving.

The utility has been criticized by customers for what they said were erroneously high bills. The customers have said that CMUD was often dismissive of their complaints, and that they struggled to get the utility to investigate.

I guess you could say his "Ship Has Come In."

The rest of the Observer's coverage is here.

WFAE also has coverage that offers a little more insight here.

Well I guess that's an easy way out.


Anonymous said...

Love the "Shipment of Fail"!

Anonymous said...

It took more than 15 years to figure out Doug Bean was an idiot!

Way to go Charlotte GovCo!

Anonymous said...

One corrupt idiot down. Two to go!!!
( Monroe and Walton )
City employees today got the "Retirement" announcement on Bean via email detailing his honorable service and all of his recognitions and awards. LOL.. I'm sure he was ready to retire..How bout forced resignation!!!! I was hoping Walton's would come later in the day, but oh well!, maybe soon. I'm sure that Bean was solely behind the fraudulent high bills..Probably came from some higher up that felt the need to scam the citizens in an effort to raise revenue to make up for all of the frivolous spending that has taken place over the past year...(Hey, those stupid taxpayers will never notice,,huh)
What in the heck does it take! I heard the interview on on Larson this a.m. with Warren Cooksey...
How obvious is it that none of these freakin counsel members have the stones to fire any of these losers and their lame ass excuses and rhetoric. What I would give to hear the behind closed doors conversations on what they really think and not the babble that they spew when being interviewed. What do they have to lose (Oh, there seats, if it was an election year). Maybe all of the bad press will still be around this time next year when THEIR asses are on the line...

ThaQueenCity said...

Why can't we get Monroe and Jones out as fast as Bean and Helms went?