Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Keith Larson puts Warren Turner on a Spit

WBT Radio's Keith Larson interviews City Council member Warren Turner.

Listen to Mr. Turner backstroke and dog paddle his way around the question should Charlotte trust CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe.

You can listen to Warren Turner here.


Anonymous said...

Warren Turner is squirming because he was dismissed from CMPD for sexual harassment. that's why he doesn't want personnel files opened. His would be very bad.

Anonymous said...

He really sounds stupid to the max and we elected this guy?

Whistleblower said...

Yeah, we elected him (of course, I never checked his name on my ballot)...but his election may have just been one of those many goofs by the ill-informed. How many residents of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County do you think actually know anything about who they're voting for but more accurately just say, hmmmmm...ini mini miny moe? I got that impression during the presidential election when I found out how many Mecklenburg County district court judges got re-elected. I voted on the ones that I have seen time and again do an awesome job on the bench...but the best ones did not get re-elected because most people just picked a name because they did not know any of the candidates from Adam's house cat.

Anonymous said...

OMG!! This is so very sad. Is this the best the City of Charlotte can find for city council seats? Unreal!!
It is so embarrasing....I have no words to even describe it.

He was dismissed from CMPD for sexual harrassment? are you kidding me?

Anonymous said...

Way to go Keith Larson and Cedarposts!! You guys rock!

Anonymous said...

I have heard he is one of rodney's good buddies, too.

It is my understanding that he "resigned" before he was fired, allegedly for sexual harassment.

No wonder he voted to NOT open Jackson's file, he is probably thinking about HIS OWN file and what's in it. Hmmmmmm

el grande said...

I'm afraid I couldn't understand Councilman Turner. With his head so far up his ass that he would qualify as an "asshat", the sound quality was very poor.