Tuesday, March 30, 2010

BOCC Chair Roberts Says Close Independence High School

Jennifer Roberts is famous for breaking something and then offering to fix it. Case in point CMS' Independence High School.

Roberts cut the CMS budget to the point that repairs could not be made. Her answer since the school hasn't been maintained correctly we should just tear in down.

Robert's idea is to save money by closing Independence and building a couple of "new" High Schools. It's a great idea claims Roberts, spend money we don't have, turn the property over to developers at 10 cents on the dollar and build new High Schools by hiring her contractor political backers.

Other than stupid, maybe Robert's half baked idea will have a silver linning and bring back Tommy Knox to coach at a new CMS high school?


ThaQueenCity said...

Cedar, you know what? YOU are awesome! Thanks :-)

charleywest said...

How in the world did this idiot get elected in the firstplace and then become chairwomen.

ThaQueenCity said...

Ya got me CW! I pray she is OUT in November!

BUT luckily BOCC came to their senses yesterday and reversed this half baked decision!

Anonymous said...

The fact that Roberts is chairperson talks to what a sad state of affairs the BOCC has become.

Roberts next idea, what a "bake sale"?