Monday, April 19, 2010

Charlotte's Bobcats Fail

In their first ever Play Off game Charlotte's Bobcats failed to recover from a 22 point deficit as team owner Michael Jordan sat emotionless on the sidelines.

A few things to consider, first the Bobcats without Wallace are nothing more than a high school basketball team, they can't compete without a solid 3 point man, and even making the playoffs, the Bobcats can't sell tickets.

Which may be why Micheal Jordan is looking for a handful of investors to help shore up the lackluster franchise.

Expect an announcement shortly that Freddy Couples and Oprah Winfrey have both dropped big checks on MJ's desk to become part owners in the NBA team which is also rummored to have an extreme makeover in the works. New name? Maybe. New look? You betcha!

Speaking of Freddy Couples, seems Sheryl Crow has taken an interest in the still atractive and aging gracefully golfer.

Last week at Spirit Square, Couples went backstage for a pre-show introduction to the "Couger Town Guest Star", prompting Crow to remark during her performance that she had spent the weekend watching Couples on TV playing at the Masters.

More soon stay turned.


Anonymous said...

Can we hope the talentless Crow will meet an end similar to Freddie's first whack job of a wife.
I assume Crow only travels by bike since she is so Green..but sadly her carbon footprint is the size of many small countries. Hypocracy at its finest.

Anonymous said...

I think RoMo has been funneling money into a secret account so he can be a minority owner.