Wednesday, April 21, 2010

CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe Will Name Pearsall to Deputy Chief

Cedar Posts hears rumors that CMPD Chief Monroe will name Major Sherie Pearsall as the departments newest Deputy Chief as soon as Ray Tarasovic cleans out his office later this month.

The news apparently doesn't sit well with some in the department who feel that the chief continues to promote unqualified personal to command positions. The news also won't sit well with Monroe's other recent promotion Major Vicki Foster who many expected to get the promotion from Chief Monroe.

In other CMPD news it seem IA has had their hands full with department misconduct thankfully none to the level of Marcus Jackson, at least that we are aware of.


Anonymous said...

Foster is taking her 20 years and leaving, so he can't give it to her, and the Pearsall thing is purely rumor!

Anonymous said...

Funny, I thought the Foster taking her 20 years and leaving was just a rumor!!

The "disinformation" rodney likes to put out is amazing!

And Pearsall is cut from EXACTLY the same mold as rodney and ray/ray....take that any way you want!

A HUGE mistake.......hopefully she will be offered the "big chief" position somewhere else and Charlotte won't be saddled with her for long.

Is "headquarters" big enough to contain all these huge egos?

(And I also heard "they" have chosen the WRONG person to "go after" now. "Cause some will not take their crap quietly!)

Anonymous said...

This would be comical (if true), if it wasn't so tragic for CMPD.

It defies any logic and reason that out of 13 Majors that Pearsall is the MOST qualified, MOST experienced, MOST tenure, well, you get it. So, she will be following her "career" path since rodney arrived. Captain for a year, promoted to Major, then Major for a year, promoted to Deputy Chief.

It really makes a joke out of the position of deputy chief.

So now we know who will be the brand new shiny BAGMAN for rodney.

Makes perfect sense.....right...

So how are all of those other "majors" who have been kissing "major" butt going to feel? And even though they are mostly a bunch of posturing fools, it still isn't right that they were passed over for "teachers pet".

And by the way, I'm told there is a "problem" with something that has gone "missing" at the academy....hmmm, wonder what that is and oh yes, who is over the academy?

Anonymous said...

Cedar you are so right about Pearsall, I'm sure the GLAAD and GLBT folks are happy the butch cop is getting the promotion.

My God this is a mess!

Anonymous said...

If this is true, it will be the worst decision regarding promotions that he has made.....and entirely based on his personal relationship with Pearsall. Not her qualifications, and not her experience on the job. I have heard he sees himself as the "ultimate mentor" to her...kind of like a "work" sugar daddy. He is free to bestow all kinds of promotions on her.

Talk about morale in the dumper?? If this is true, morale will be non existent at CMPD.

And he does not obviously care.

Wow, as someone said, what a gigantic freaking mess he has made of CMPD.

And the ones that will ultimately pay for his bad "leadership" are the citizens of MC.

Because he will be gone, off to his next "patsy", and CMPD will be stuck with his "legacy of losers" for years to come.

ThaQueenCity said...

At this point I don't care what Monroe does anymore. It seems to me that with all the BS going on 1 or 2 officers would finally take a stand! But apparently nobody seems to have the balls otherwise they would have done something by now. SO since they are too scared let'em stay stuck! It is we citizens who are feeling his lies! But what think doesn't matter...we have no say which is JUST WRONG!

I think the Chief should be an elected position! Maybe someone will make this suggestion to the board? Doubt it though...another bunch of losers there too! They SEE what is going on and apparently the CMPD Survey didn't mean crap to them either!

Anonymous said...

Queen City,
I feel your frustration, I really do.

And I hope every day that someone, anyone, will grow a pair and do the right they say, hope springs eternal.

It just takes ONE good man.

Anonymous said...

I agree, one "curt the clown" should not have the power to hire or fire the chief of's way too much power for one person.

The chief should be chosen by the entire city council.

(Wait, did I really say that? Well, maybe not the CURRENT city council, but you get my point.)


Hey you Majors who are not of teh diverse kind have a good civil rights attorney for you to speak with - has beaten CMPD before

Anonymous said...

Now let's see....Sherie Pearsall was a Captain about a year and was promoted to Major without a competitive process!! for that position. And she did not have enough time as a captain (2 years) to even compete in the process if there had been one. Now she's been a "Major j.g." for a year and she's got enough experience to be a deputy chief! HA!! She does NOT have the experience but Ro Mo likes her because she is his puppet. There was a time when "major j.g." Pearsall said she didn't want any favortism because of her gender or race. I GUESS SHE ISN'T ONE TO KEEP HER WORD!! Foster is no better. For years she has spent a lot of her CMPD day selling real estate to local pro athletes - check her emails and faxes!!!!!! As the captain at Westover she even sent on-duty officers out to houses to take photos of them for her real estate business. But no one would ever call her on it. CMPD has white and non-white rules!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's just a joke.

Foster has done so many things that anyone else would have been fired for.

There's the real estate, there's the private security company.....etc., etc.

Isn't Pearsall a realtor, too? Doesn't she do her "realtor" stuff at work, too?

If Pearsall is made D.C., there will only be one reason why, because romo says so. It's her free ride, and she sure as hell isn't going to say it's sure not the right thing to do.

How will she feel for the rest of her career, knowing that the only reason she has gotten promoted is because romo "likes" her? And that she will do the dirty work for romo and keep her mouth shut..a great replacement for ray.

And that there are so many more qualified people AHEAD of her that should get the job? For real.

Oh yeah, if I were any of those Majors, I would be getting a really good attorney.

Anonymous said...

I hope ALL the Majors get together and start a reverse discrimination suit! THAT is the ONLY way to stop all know if it were the other way around you best believe the non-white males would be suing!

Reverse discrimination seems to be rampant these days! It is NOT just at CMPD but EVERYWHERE in our City/County and businesses. It is TRULY time white males (& females)STOOD up to stop this trend!

And NO I am not the least bit racist...I date a black man and HE sees it as well...equality for ALL and NOT based on race!

Where I work a white person is expected to do twice the work while their non-white co-workers stroll in when they want and do what they want. THEY get acknowledments ALL the time! One worker has been 15-20 late 15 days out of the last 16! If that were me I would have been written up and fired! I am already told I have a bad attitude! Wonder why?

I am there early everyday, do twice the amount of work, but half the time it's like I don't even exist unless there is a screw up then she is right there to point it out, rather it was mine or not????


Anonymous said...

E. Promotions to the rank of Major and Deputy Police Chief will be made at the
discretion of the Chief of Police.
F. All elements used in the promotional process will be JOB RELATED AND NOT DISCRIMINATORY


The General said...

To Anon 12;12pm:
you seem to be pretty well informed, and correct I might add, of Fosters real estate antics while in the westover division.

Ms Foster was denied promotion to major on her first go round due to her real estate business doings on duty. Chief Stevens did do one thing right by not promoting her, but then caved in on the second go round and did so for what ever reason. Oh, I forgot, it was the race card. Her computer , emails, etc were checked and it was proven she was conducting private business on duty. Her only punishment was no promotion. Do you remember the anonymous letter someone wrote to Ken Miller stating all the reasons she shouldnt be promoted?
We never found out who it was but cudos to him or her.

Im sure it wasnt Paige V who srote the letter. She was the one taking the pics wasnt she?

Alas, here we are again, promoting people for color or friendship..

The circle is really completeing itself from the old days.

I hear there is an officer working on the Charlie side that had an internal affairs hearing and received 30 days off and his secondary work permit taken, for operating a security company on the side. Surely, this cant be true. Someone must have their facts wrong. CMPD allows that , do they not??

Anonymous said...

Seems you are really well informed as well!

The someone you are talking about was disciplined severely for doing the exact same thing Foster was doing....the exact same thing.

And I'm not saying EITHER of them was right or ethical.. to the contrary.

But why is the punishment so vastly different?

And it was under romo.....

And Foster sold romo his house, so I'm thinking he knows full well about her real estate business.

And is the information correct about Pearsall? Didn't she do real estate business "on duty"?
Is she still conducting real estate business on duty?

Anonymous said...

If they are doing real estate work on duty, someone should call them posing as a potential new client and see what they'll do during the work day

Anonymous said...

At this point, with all the unethical things that have gone on at CMPD since rodney arrived, and nothing, NOTHING being done about him and his outrageous behavior, I think there would have to be an unexplained dead body in his office for anything to happen to him.

It is quite clear that Curt the Clown and City Council have taken the "if I don't know, I don't have to address it" attitude...the head in the sand, the hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil attitudes of each and every member of city council is shocking and unbelievable.

Their complicity in his tenure makes them as responsible as he is.
Their lack of standards and integrity is not easily explained.

Could Charlotte have elected a whole city council that has no sense of what is right and what is just plain WRONG? It seems they have.

And when you cut corners on honesty, ethics and integrity, you have opened pandora's box.

What can we, as citizens, do to get rid of the current regime of rats in Charlotte and at CMPD?

Anonymous said...

Ro Mo has all the whites running scared. If they weren't the D/C's, the majors and/or the captains would get together and get a good lawyer. The sooner Ro Mo leaves, the better off CMPD will be!! He has broken or changed all the rules so he can pretty much promote any one (black) he wants to.....Where are you Curt Walton? Oh yeah, I forgot you're one of the two final "suspects" in the UVA diploma scandal and Robert McDowell who was the mayor of Richmond at the time (he's now governor) is the other!!!!!! I'm getting my Univ. of Phoenix class behind me now!

Anonymous said...

There are a few indisputable facts at CMPD.

If you are/were promoted during rodney's reign you are either:

Diverse or
A supreme butt smoocher

I have been told that these are the ONLY criteria/standards that rodney deems necessary for a "promotion".

So no matter where you go from here on out in your career, you will be known as one of "rodney's promotions".

And from what I am told, this is just common knowledge now at CMPD.

Can you imagine what it has done for morale? If you are not willing to throw anyone and everyone under the bus, you are OUT. If you are not willing to carry out any crazy "word of mouth" order from rodney, you are OUT.

And what has it done for those that have worked their butts off, are EFFECTIVE leaders that many actually respect and are actually qualified to lead? It has taken away any kind of incentive to do a good, honest job. Because it just does not matter. If you don't meet rodney's low standards, you can just forget it!!

Someone said something about it taking a dead body for anything to be done.....from what I am told, that wouldn't even do it, I mean, look who is head of homicide. Zincann would roll it up and take it away, or say it was "accidental"! Because he is the top dog butt smoocher.....the quintessential smoocher of butts and from what I am told, would do just about anything for a "promotion".....and has earned no respect from anyone.

He is exactly the kind of inept "climber" that the higher echelons of CMPD is now FULL of.

Anonymous said...

If this is true, it's a disaster!

Can't wait to see who else is getting the "go".

Should be interesting, comical, and a tragedy for CMPD.

And for sure Pearsall will be the NEW RAY/RAY. She OWES her present "career" to rodney, so what WOULDN'T she do for him? Does anyone really believe that under any other "chief" she would be seen as a qualified candidate for DC? Hell, no, she wouldn't, and we all are keenly aware of that fact.

Her ego knows no bounds, much like rodney and ray's. And she simply does not have the experience or humility to be an effective leader.

She will be a bully and use intimidation and threats to "lead".

Two techniques that have been proven over and over to create discontent and to NOT produce results.

Anonymous said...

Okay you all. It's officially out now so we can all take a deep sigh of relief.

Officer Kenneth Scott Anderson to the rank of Sergeant

Officer Joseph Reiner to the rank of Sergeant

Sergeant Cecil Brisbon to the rank of Captain

Captain Paul Zinkann, III, to the rank of Major

Captain Glen Neimeyer to the rank of Major

The Chief will also inform the Civil Service Board of his intent to promote Major Katrina Graue to the rank of Deputy Chief.

ThaQueenCity said...

As I said, those who are left at CMPD, let'em reap their own hell for NOT standing up! Sad part is there are still a few fantastic officers at CMPD, black, white, hispanic, the only ones being affected by RuttMutt's rein of terror seem to be those of the new minority,white.

Equality is not based on race as most of us know, but to RuttMutt that seems to be the only qualifier!

Anonymous said...

And I also heard
I'm told
I have heard
I hear there is
I have been told
And from what I am told

Hope you guys are never on a jury.

ThaQueenCity said...

TO: April 27, 2010 8:33 PM

Well if we were on a jury you can believe we wouldn't convict based on race! Unlike RuttMutt who promotes strictly on race, gender and who will rolloever n kiss his ass!

Anonymous said...

Props to Cedar, I know for a fact Pearsall was the chief's pick for DC. Finally the chief is getting some good advice from those around him, who pointed out that naming Pearsall would be a flash point and the comments here support that 100% It is clear that Cedar's voice and the voice of those who post here has been noticed and hear loud and CLEAR!

ThaQueenCity said...

Anderson made Sgt! GOOD for him! Don't know too much about the others and I have never heard of the new DC? I hope she truly qualified for the position and does not end up being another Rayray.

By the way where did he go? He musta got tired of buying all that mouthwash?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:33
You are right....we're not in a courtroom here, now, are we?

This goes back to romo and his inability to stick to rules and regs.

He LOVES to float rumors and string people along, gives him that "power" he so desperately craves...ergo no rhyme or reason as to when he announces ANYTHING....just floats those ole rumors out there.

Anonymous said...

There's still room for one more DC....he will announce Pearsall soon.

The General said...

Well, where do we start. With so much info here, this could take a while.

The issues with foster selling real estate on duty and also running her security company are dead as long as rom is there..

As far as pearsall is concerned I have no personal knowledge of any real estate dealings by her on duty, or off for tht matter. I never got that close with her. She is way to cynical and egotistic for me.

And now for the promotions!!
Whoever you are thats calling Paul Zinkannn a butt kisser you are so far off base you will never find your way home. Obviously you dont like him and its apparent you dont know him very well. PZ worked for me for many years. Never once was my butt kissed. I dont allow it. You do your job, you keep your opinions to yourself and everything will be fine. PZ is a great guy. He believes in doing the job he is being paid to do, not screw off 90% of the day and get paid for 100%, as many do. He is of the mold that does what he is told to do and will do it as told. The good thing about PZ is you can always tell when your ideas dont coincide with what is actually the best idea. So if you are a worthy supervisor you ask him what does he think. And I grant you it will be exactly what needs to be done. PZ was happy being a CPT and he was happy being where he is.

And now Katrina Graue. Unless she has changed in the last few years she just isnt DC material. Well maybe she is under romo. She was a puppet, especially under McNally. The two of them conspired and I might say very effectively to remove all the females working around or for them. They ruined officers lives by underhandedly transferring, firing, or just plain driving them to their death. I have no respect for her due to those trying times. So, if you want to give me some great things she has done to change herself and her treatment of others feel free..She is a dog on a leash and will be right by romo's side.

The General said...

And one more question to be answered. Did Ken Miller actually get selected to the position of Chief of the Greensboro PD? That would be good for CMPD. However that opens up another position for D/C. So, hold your breath until this appointment is announced.

And what about ray rays position. I think it will just go away. Surely there isnt another snobby "B&*%%" in VA looking for a job to be with romo.

Anonymous said...

Completely disagree with you on Zincan.

And completely disagree with you on

And I guess I could say the same thing about maybe you just "don't like" Graue.

Zincan will be a "loyal dog", for sure. ("Does what he is told", without I assume he is doing the same for romo...and that doesn't bode well, not at all.)

And Pearsall was, a few years ago, from what I am told, doing real estate work on duty.

But you know what they say about opinions being like $#$holes, everyone has one! Agree to disagree.

The promotions are what they are.

Anonymous said...

The Greensboro chief search process just started, they haven't even posted a profile or started accepting applications yet.

Anonymous said...

OOPS All wrong. Katrina Graue is being promoted to D/C! Good choice. Maybe Monroe is actually listening to someone who has some experience at CMPD. Two good Major promotions also - Zinkan and Neimeyer. Foster was offered D/C just after Monroe got here but how could she run a realty and security company just down the hall from the big cheese?.. She turned it down. Saw Ms. Foster today ON DUTY wearing a skin tight pants suit. Thought cops carried guns....guess not always!!

The General said...

ok lets see where can we take this?

you obviously dont know PZ on a personal level nor what he is all about. So if thats the case then maybe you should take that approach. It may help you change your opinion

Now with KG, my dealings with her were from the past. Has she changed? Could be but I doubt it. Im telling you she is a puppett. There are much more qualified majors there and many have much more experience than she as a police officer.

And I dont just "dont like people". You get what you deserve from me. " remember in life "You get back what you give". In most cases. Im scene her and mcnally's treachery and trickery. It wasnt pretty. I put them in the same fish bowl as Kornberg.

But we can still agree to disagree. Its the rational thing to do.

I found out KM just got the application , so my bad..You know how rumors get going.

I saw foster several days ago. She wasnt looking real good or happy. She was trying to fake it and was surrounded by her boys.

Anonymous said...

I agree, there are surely more qualified Majors out there, but they don't fit the "diversity" qualification. Between SP and KG, it's got to be KG.

I think we all agree that rodney has taken CMPD down a road that it is going to take years to recover from.

That is the travesty.....that, and still no one standing up to him.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am going to put my 2 cent in! The one I know the most about is Major Johnson! HE is a great guy, level headed and actually cares about other people and NOT just himself...but because of the BS situation last year (which I am sure was pushed by RuttMutt) and he is not in the chosen class HE would NEVER be considered. Which is sad for us, the citizens! He has it all in my opion, integrity, morals, hoensty and dedication!

This man took a chance on someone he did not even know and helped them turn their lives around! THAT person was ME! He and Sgt. Hulsey will ALWAYS be tops in book! Because of them I sit here today!

I don't know why we didn't pick someone from within CMPD to begin with! WHY did we have to go out of state and end up with such an idiot like RuttMutt!

Anonymous said...

Well, looks like all of you guys that said Foster was leaving were wrong....

I guess everyone knows by now that she is rodney's new CHIEF OF STAFF.

Honestly, you cannot make this shit just can't. It's like some kind of alternate universe stuff.

(I am told she may be on the hot seat soon, related to her many hours working for her "security" company while employed by CMPD.)

So, she is a Major, and potentially she will be telling Deputy Chiefs what to do....really?

And will she still be a COP, or will she be a civilian and get ray/ray's big old paycheck??
(Kind of like Ricky Robbins? WOW, rodney really does take care of his folks, huh?_

So many questions.....

So, IF THERE WAS ANY DOUBT THAT rodney promotes based on diversity and ass kissing, this should put those to rest....she covers both bases!

And another interesting thing I heard, Captain Compagna, remember him? The one that took the FALL for Rodney at the academy after his unfortunate email? Looks like he is getting his PAYBACK for falling on his sword, he's going to be the new Captain in VICE.

So neither one of these people is remotely qualified and there were MUCH better people out there for these jobs.

Well, Chief of Staff is not really a "job", it is just carrying out rodney's underhanded "orders".

I am telling you, it is downright Machiavellian at CMPD.

Boy, I think I am going to write a book about what is going on/has gone on at CMPD.....I hear so many things from so many people, I COULD write a book.

Rodney better skedaddle before the crime numbers bottom out....if he waits too long, he will never get a job anywhere else, not with all his "baggage".

Can't wait to see what happens with Marcus Jackson....that will be his Waterloo.

Anonymous said...

I'm putting my money on Ricky R to be the next CoS.

Anonymous said...

Sice Retard named Foster his new right hand man per say, does that mean she out ranks the Deputy Chiefs? Does that mean she gets Ray/Rays old car (the one with the blue lights)?
What about a pay increase? Is the city of Charlotte going to pay her more money to sell houses and work on her private company buisness..what the hell...and Meck Co.Tax payers are ok with all of this....