Monday, April 26, 2010

Warren Turner is in the Hot Seat Now

Seems, everyone is reporting on the Warren Turner saga part two. Leading the charge is of course the Charlotte Observer who weeks ago down played the entire sexual misconduct charge as a internal issue.

Turns out Councilman Turner has been crossing the line for a number of years, but only recently has his behavior caused concern among the other council members.

I'd think Turner should step down, but I'm sure he won't and this will get really ugly before it goes away.


Anonymous said...

You probably meant "step down."

Anonymous said...

set down, I think was play on words for SIT down and quit thinking you are higher than anyone else, He should have set down, sit down, stepped down Long Before now, just the way I read between the lines is all

Anonymous said...

Since the city fails to have a "policy" pertaining to elected officials, maybe, just maybe since his full time job is a probation officer, they should take appropriate action......Let's just see!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if as a probation officer he has females that are on probation that he supervises. Lord help them if he does- Great site OBTW

JAT said...

Anon -- 12:13pm.

You are inferring something there?

Anonymous said...

The whole thing is just a tragic joke.

Ask yourself this, should a man that was told to leave the Police Academy for threatening a fellow female recruit actually be able to get a job as a probation officer???

Does that make sense in any universe?

And does it surprise anyone that he has continued his disgusting behavior?

And apparently gotten a free pass on it?

IMHO, the only difference between him and Marcus Jackson is that Jackson went one step further in his creepy behavior and got caught.

Red flags are red flags.

Ignored here, too.

ThaQueenCity said...

Yes, NCDOC is definitely looking into his conduct and interviewing his parolees, thank GOD! Can you imagine being in their position and not having ANYONE to turn to that would believe them?

Turner makes me sick! This is the THIRD job (CMPD, City Council and now DOC)...these are no longer accusations there is truth in there somewhere!

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal? Everyone around City Hall, Curt the Clown, and most at CMPD have known about Turner's "litte problem" for years. But, it took $35,000 for some to finally believe it. Trust me, with over 20 years around this place, history clearly says nothing will happen. He will get reelcted next year, and probably a building named after him too.

The General said...

I dont think Turner will step down, or we should just say "quit". He is of the same mold os others. Look at Velma Leaks residency episode. Just lie, stay your course, and when election time comes around your peeps will elect you again and then everyone against you will shut up and give in!

Just think! What if when the CMPD Reserve unit was receiving the axe from MONROE and FOSTER and complained to city council members , city council in turn hired a private investigator to look into the matter. I suspect we would have been rid of them and a lot of others by now. Naw, that will never happen, They dont have the balls to stand up against anyone.