Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chief Monroe Paired With Dell and son Stephen Curry Win First Place at Quail Hollow

As you may already know CMPD Chief Monroe took home first place in the Monday Quail Hollow Championship Pro-AM. This year Chief Monroe was paired with the NBA's Stephen Curry and his father Dell as well as NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip and PGA Tour golfer Steve Lowery.

The team took the first place trophy with a net of 53.

No word as to what prize the Chief took home this year, but Cedar Posts is sure he kept it on the Down Low.

Stephen Curry carded three birdies, and impressed both Waltrip and Lowery with his swing. When asked about Monroe Lowery responded "I can't comment". Waltrip just smiled. Asked if certain members of the group had sandbagged their handicaps and thereby padding their handicap advantage Cedar Posts heard, nothing but crickets.


Anonymous said...

As usual Monroe scores without doing a damn thing I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Curry is what a double digit handicap? Waltrip is a 9, Monroe claims scratch, but puts himself down as a "C" player. Cedar what was the gross for the team. I'd bet my NBA Championship Ring they are all sand bagging. No doubt the chief's fee was paid with city funds. Money that should be in my pocket.

Anonymous said...

Amazing what you can do with a "magic pencil"- lower crime stats or your golf score!

Anonymous said...

Well, let's hope the city or CMPD did not pay his entrance fee and the entrance fee of ray/ray.

And why doesn't some media outlet do some investigating and ask CMPD who paid the "chief's" entrance fee.

Oh, I am sure he got a bunch of "freebies"....and I'm just as sure he was more careful this year, as he was caught red handed last year loading loot into his car.

He is so easily impressed and loves to hob nob with whom he considers the "rich and famous". That is as close to "fame" as he will ever get!

The "bigger the head", the harder they fall!(I mean, look at Tiger.)

Anonymous said...

Right, in his dreams he is a "scratch" player. But with his penchant for being disingenuous, I am SURE he likes to tell people he is a
scratch player.