Monday, May 3, 2010

Mackey, Ensely, Turner and Jones

It was a close call but Charlotte and Mecklenburg County aka Meckburbia somehow avoided having Nick Mackey as sheriff. Now comes Nick Mackey Jr, if the form of Antoine Ensley who has the backing of the Mecklenburg Black Political Caucus. Unless you want another thug in Charlotte and Mecklenburg county gov-co you need to vote for Chipp Bailey tomorrow morning.

Cedar Posts seldom agrees with the Daily Fish Wrapper's Editorial Board but I'll make an exception when they endorse Chipp Bailey as they did this weekend. More on Sheriff Bailey here.

Speaking of Nick Mackey, the Charlotte Observer is reporting that early today his license to practice law was suspended for failure to truthfully complete his bar exam application. Surprised?

Warren Turner says that he will address the charges against him at tonight's City Council Meeting. Honestly he needed a P/R handler years ago, at this point he would be better served if he would just shut up, unless he's going to resign. Of course then pigs would also fly and Morris Jenkins would get a call fix the a/c at you know where.

Harry Jones, has a pretty good sized budget short fall to work out for next year and Cedar Posts hears that one idea from Jones' office is to close the Grady Cole Center and stop the funding of Memorial Stadium.

If sources are correct the RIF "Reduction-in-Force" plan that Harry Jones will present on May 18 will eliminate the staff positions to keep these facilities open and operational.

The back story is that if Jones has his way both would soon see the wrecking ball with the property sold to developers to help raise cash and continue to fund the county's massive payroll.

Some history, the real name is the American Legion Memorial Stadium named to honor those men of Mecklenburg County who had died in the great war, World War I and at one point it was considered a pretty impressive place. Soon after it was completed Charlotte hosted President Roosevelt, which was quite an honor for such a small town.

Leave it to someone like Harry Jones to come up with the idea to tear it down.

ODDS and Ends

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Anonymous said...

Antoine Ensley has about the same track record as Mackey at the Charlotte Police. Both resigned to avoid being fired. Oh, yeah, and Turner was fired!! Did no one at the Probation and Parole check with the academy to see why he didn't graduate? Seems either they didn't or didn't care about the sexual harassment charges against him. Now he has posed as a "building inspector" and flashed his pistol.... And city manager, Curt Walton, covers this one up too. What else does Walton know and what else is under his carpet? Who made the mystery call to UVA for Rodney Monroe??

Anonymous said...

Antoine Ensley and Nick Mackey do not have the same track record. I am not aware of why Mackey resigned from CMPD but Ensley was not fired nor did he resign to prevent being fired. Actually, he resigned to take a new position as the Chief of Police in a little racist/hick town in Fletcher, NC. A department with approximately 2-3 black the entire department! I was obvious that he would not last long with that position. I think Ensley would make a great Sheriff, I say that because I know him and worker under him personally when he was a Sgt. in CMPD

Anonymous said...

attention -May 3, 2010 9:55 PM

Are you kidding me?? Learn to speak english before you post

Anonymous said...

Ensley comparisons to Mackey are unfair and unfounded. Ensley is educated, articulate and intelligent. He was extremely well liked in CMPD, but he refused to allow people to just get back. He held officers to a standard not seen in the last few years. He was a SWAT Negotiator and on the fast track to being promoted to Captain. He left for Fletcher on good terms and left run a law enforcement organization in VA. Mackey is a slug, but there is no way you can compare Ensley to Mackey.

Anonymous said...

This is who you want to put in charge of the Sheriffs Dept. Just read Ensly's response- He USED to be a COP

Immigration response-
Will there be any changes to 287(g)?

Bailey: That will depend on Washington, D.C. In Mecklenburg County, all 287(g) does is allow us to identify who is arrested. We don't make any decisions on if they are to be deported. We detain them and ask the federal government what they want us to do with them. Most people don't really understand 287(g) because in some areas of the country it is abused. But for now, it is working for us in Mecklenburg County. I always say, if you don't want to get caught up in 287(g), don't get arrested.

Ensley: Yes. I don't support the program. I would go back to the table with [Immigration and Customs Enforcement]. I don't think it's very effective at all; there is no data that supports that it is effective. What data that is out there, shows that. It's not the tool that people make it out to be. It's mostly low-risk offenders and traffic violators [who are being arrested].

ThaQueenCity said...

Sorry but when I look at Enlsey I see another Rodney Monroe in the making! NO WAY! Not that I think Bailey has done that great of a job, but he is also limited mainly in funding for programs at the jail! And so would Ensley! Unless he did what Monroe did, use the next 3 years budget NOW...NO WAY WOULD I VOTE FOR ENSLEY!

ThaQueenCity said...

For those interested...we need someone NEW not who has contacts and other priorities at BOCC and that person is:

He and his wife are both CMS teachers and actually can do basic math! But mainly he OWES nobody and his priorities are with the people of this county! Great GUY!

Anonymous said...

85% in and Chipp is looking at 66%-34%... At least the people voted right for once!!!