Thursday, May 20, 2010

Latino Groper Still On The Loose Keystone Cops Close In

It is odd that a crime like this happens in "South Charlotte" proper. So this story is getting a lot of attention.

From the Charlotte Observer and News Channel 36 WCNC:

Police in two counties are looking for a man who allegedly groped at least four women since Saturday in stores along the Providence Road corridor in southeast Mecklenburg and Union counties. Police are not sure if the man who is described as a Latino is here legally or not or if he is from Mexico or some other Latin country.

The man involved in the incidents is, about 25 years old. He is 5 feet 6 and 160 pounds, and police say the man was driving a white van with ladders on the sides. That would indicate the man works in construction, police say.

Police go on to tell an odd tale as well, the first incident apparently happened about 12:15 p.m. Saturday at the Harris Teeter store on Providence Road at Ardrey Kell Road. A 16-year-old girl was grabbed from behind by a man. But the girl did not report the incident until Sunday.

The other Mecklenburg cases happened Tuesday morning at the Walmart store in the Arboretum shopping center, at Providence and Pineville-Matthews roads.

Police say a 55-year-old woman reported being grabbed, and about 10 minutes later, a 47-year-old woman reported a similar incident.

At least one groping incident was reported in Union County, at a Harris Teeter store in Weddington. That happened either Sunday or Monday, police say.

The police can't apparently remember?

Just to make things even stranger:

According to the Observer report, police had the man in custody once but released him, because the female victim said she did not want to press charges. On another occasion he broke free and ran away. It is unclear if he broke away from the police, the victim or passersby.

So the police let him go because? What he seemed like a nice guy? Come on guys a sicko pervet is running around grabing women and you decide that just because the victim doesn't want to get involved you should let him go? Jezzz!

In later versions of the story it was reported that the man was in custody of store employees,rather than police and they (the store employees) let him go and at another store the perp ran away.

I was at Walmart on Tuesday with Mrs. Cedar it could have been my wife who was the victim. How about we get this guy (real photos below) off the streets today!

So I expect a major smack down within 24 hours, because this poor sicko is about to get his. Honestly I think he better turn himself in, because if a crowd down in Union County gets a hold of him they are not going to turn him loose.


Anonymous said...

The police never had the suspect in their custody, the employees of Harris Teeter had the suspect and escorted him off the store premises before Union County deputies even arrived since the female told the employees she did not want to prosecute....the suspect got away from the two victims at Walmart before the police arrived in that situation should never count on the "Disturber" to get your info, this was reported correctly on WBTV

Anonymous said...

Hispanic male, 25 years old and 5'6", huh? Works in construction? Anyone know what Hamlett Almendarez is doing these days? Haven't seen him around Fuel Pizza lately.

nccanuck said...

God help him if a crowd gets him, he might want to get sent back to Mexico if the public gets him before the police.