Friday, May 21, 2010

Noah Heads North

The young eagle named for Marine Lance Corporal Noah Pier has taken flight and now two weeks after learning to fly is on a cross country trip doing what young eagles do this time of year.

From WCNC:

Nearly two weeks after leaving the hack tower in the Charlotte area, Noah the eagle is now in Virginia tracking north.

Noah left the hack tower for the first time Friday, May 10. She spent the first four or five days flying within a few miles of the hack tower learning to fly, hunt and explore her environment.

Noah then headed north and is now in Virginia. She could go all the way to Canada before she comes back down.

Eagle expert Todd Katzner, PhD, who is the developer of the tracking device that Noah now wears, said that she has made her way to an area of the country where eagles congregate, which is a positive sign that she is on the right track.


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I'm sorry I missed the whole Noah story can you add links to this post?

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safe journeys Noah