Friday, May 21, 2010

Odds and Ends Crazy Shit and Hand Cuffs

Sometimes there is just too much crazy shit to cover. It all makes me want to free the lines and head to the islands. Which is just what Cedar is going to do for the next several days.

While I'm gone I'll be looking into the following stories:

Suicide Becomes Homicide

A 17 year is killed while driving home last Sunday. Not unheard of, teenagers have a greater percentage of fatal accidents than adults. But in this case the young man was murdered. Traveling late at night along the interstate he came over a gentle crest of a hill. In the center on the road someone who wanted to die. Minutes prior someone had entered the interstate going in the wrong direction, stopped, turned off the lights and waited to die. Both drivers were killed. This is the second time since April this has happened.

Blogger Billy Fehr is "Hooked Up"

I'm not sure I understand the whole story so I'll let Bill tell it as only he can on his blog "Where On Earth is Bill" aka Rock and Roll Stop The Traffic. Just a preview, Bill is a cyclist and a courier uptown so darting in and out of traffic is in his blood. On a day off he went to the aid of a fellow a courier and managed to get himself cuffed by CMPD. I'd guess Bill was issued a summons for being a pain in the butt. Just a civil summons I'm assuming. But the photos are great and I'd suspect the CMPD officer didn't know he was cuffing a celebrity.

Speaking of Celebrities

Lindsay Lohan has a warrant out for her arrest. Got to love a bad girl, but she's just stupid! While the media has a field day with the idea of Lindsay in cuffs, hummmm. The truth is she'll more than likley skip into LA sometime in the next 24 hours and other than being photographed a bizillon times she will not go directly to jail. Darn!

Cab Wars

Cedar hears word of a Charlotte cabbie being detained by CMPD officers at the Epicenter.

As the story goes the cabbie who goes by the name of "Steve" is an Eritrean immigrant. On Sunday his fare refused to pay and in front of a crowd at the Epicenter the cabbie got into an argument with the passengers over four dollars. When CMPD showed up they told "Steve" to pound sand and hit the road. Steve objected and continued to press his case with no sympathy from the CMPD officers present.

At some point Steve was pulled out of his cab by CMPD officers and cuffed. In the process his arm was reportedly broken. Cedar doesn't know "Steve" but I'd guess being from Eritrea he is black as coal and speaks English that is not easily understood when he's excited.

Its hard enough being a cab driver, and when jerks try to short you out of 4 dollars and I'm sure he thought the police would come to his aid not break his arm. Sorry Steve Charlotte deserves better and so to you.

CMUD Meter Audit Scam

Much to my surprise my meter was checked out this past week. You are going to love the method the guy used. I still doubt the effectiveness of the 100k audit and even the guy in the truck says its just for show. More about the Meter Audit Scam next week.

That is all folks.... have a great weekend.


Billy Fehr said...

Thank you on all fronts. Today is my 41st Birthday, the cusp of Gemini. Ironically enough I share the same birthday as Pac Man who turned 30 today. I have been working Uptoon as a bike messenger for 12 years this July. As for the summons, it was civil indeed. I have so much to tell you about the time I spent marginalized in cuffs outside of the Transit Center but I cannot elaborate here or now. Know this, I have never been in the iron rings before and the perspective is an emotional one. Here is the verbatim hand written charge transfer from my ticket to appear on June 24 at 1330hrs:

resist delay or obstruct officer XXXX #XXXX, a public officer holding the office of public officer by interfering with him trying to get pertinent information on a traffic collision. At the time, the officer was discharging or attempting to discharge a duty of his office by getting all the pertinent information for a DMV/Police report.

Steve is a good man and an honest hard worker. I was sad to hear that his arm was apparently broken over the Bujahideen not wanting to pay their entire fair after being dropped off at the place they go to play. Steve was righfully shorted 4 dollars which is less than what any of those watered down beverages were about to cost the party goers. Seems as if almost all the police officers I know are fair and decent but right now, this minute before us some amazing energy is happening within the belt. Steve should have been helped, not hurt. The question is, will anyone finally take that look inside and stop being afraid of what they feel. Until that happens culturally the friction over nothing will only grow.
Thanks again, especially for the celebutard reference. Had I been drinking anything at all when I read that, it would have been shot out of my nose.

Billy Fehr said...

of course what I meant to say was, "Steve was unlawfully not righfully(whatever that means) shorted 4 dollars which is less than what any of those watered down beverages were about to cost the party goers"

Anonymous said...

What is the story about the guy who parked his car going the wrong way?

Anonymous said...

The summons isn't a civil summons.

It's a criminal citation for violation of NCGS § 14‑223, Resisting Officers. It is a Class 2 Misdemeanor if convicted. Which will also go on your criminal record as a resist charge.

Billy Fehr said...

I did not resist an or any officers.

seriously, ejoust

Anonymous said...

If Steve don't like it, have him go back to the dark continent and test the same behavior with the police in his home country.

Anonymous said...

The charge reads "Resist, Delay, Obstruct."

So technically if you resist an officer, if you delay what he's doing or obstruct what he's doing, it's the same offense. It's an or as opposed to an an.

And if you say you didn't do it (not saying one way or the other) then you need to show up in court, plead not guilty and let the judge determine what happens from there.

ThaQueenCity said...


Second: I am APALLED the officer "chose" to NOT charge the REAL offender, you know the guy who ended up getting the ride for free!

If ONE citizen gets away with this how many others will follow suit!

Basically, what this cop said indirectly HIS actions: If you call a cab, catch a bus and decide to NOT pay then the "worker" gets penalized or arrested!

Gee thanks Monroe I see your lack of morals and ethics are now rubbing off on the officers!

Anonymous said...

To Ano 2:29 Yesterday:

Sure I get your point .... but maybe that is why Steve left his country in the first place, to get away from totalitarian henchmen and goons who think it is fun club,shoot and break the arms of defenseless "skinnies" The are the same men who claim to be police whorape women and children without fear of real justice. Under Rod Monroe is seems this sort of behavior is increasing, Marcus Jackson and a dozen others who have be called before IA so far this year.

Maybe Steve thought it would be different in America, sadly Steve was wrong.