Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Uncle Warren Gets a Free Pass

Ask around the city county offices and you'll quickly learn that Warren Turner thinks he's a "ladies man". Someone who reportedly uses the phrase "the destroyer" in the most inappropriate ways.

The truth is, he's the uncle you avoid at family picnics, not that he's made a move on you, but because you just get this creepy feeling.

As much as Cedar Posts would like to rid the world of men who give men a bad name, there isn't enough in the Warren Turner case to censure him for sexual harassment.

Council members James Mitchell, Patrick Cannon, David Howard, Patsy Kinsey, Warren Cooksey and Andy Dulin voted against censuring Turner. All it should be noted they made a tough choice, but voted correctly.

The Observer's story is here.

That doesn't mean he's not a jerk, by all accounts he is worse than just a jerk. By all accounts he's not someone you want to meet at the office after five.

But being crude, obnoxious, and a pig is not a crime.

So as hard as it is to take the news that Warren Turner gets a free pass and we'll still be seeing his cheesy face around town, we'll put this down as a victory in that at least he has been called out.

No one should ever feel threatened by Uncle Warren because everyone knows he's just being himself and everyone has been warned. Year's from now when he says "Hey sweetie why don't you come sit on Uncle Warren's lap?" our daughters will just laugh, and run like hell.


Anonymous said...

You avoid him, don't trust him but yet they let him stay in office...and now he say's he's a victim, what has this world come to...

ThaQueenCity said...

Well, after all we have seen done with Harry Jones, Rodney Monroe, and Curt Walton WHY is anyone surprised? And they in my opinion have committed much more serious offenses!

Anonymous said...

I got nothin'...

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest here, who doesn't get a free pass in Charlotte gov't. and in city employees?

It's a freaking free for all?

A lying, corrupt City Council member?

A lying, corrupt Chief of Police?

A lying, corrupt Head of DSS?

Lying, Corrupt individuals running for office with a proven record of dishonest and deceit?
NO PROBLEM! They WILL get elected!

But this is what happens when a premium is no longer placed on honesty and integrity.

When you create an atmosphere like this by supporting and electing lying PEOPLE, and they in turn support and hire lying PEOPLE, this is what you get LYING PEOPLE.

And at this point, I am convinced it's what Charlotte DESERVES.

This is also what happens when you skewer voting districts.

Anonymous said...

Cedar come on what to do you against Warren Turner? I think the uncle warren is a little much.

Though it plays to the fears of most people, I think the whole thing is over blown.

On the other hand why won't these "vics" come out of the shadows?

All very shady, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

It should be more like Mayor Anthony "Uncle" Foxx and his flunky manager Curt "Igor" Walton.

While I don't think Turner is completely innocent of those allegations, the way it was handled stinks to high heaven of "Voter Revenge", Cover up and Political Corruption.

Foxx is a vindictive character who can't be totally trusted either.

Don't forget Turner supported Lassiter during the Mayor's race last Fall, so this is payback from Foxx.

Foxx spent $35,000 of Taxpayer funds for an investigation that could have been quietly handled by HR professionals on City time.

But no...

He had to cook up a big stink with these complaints and return the favor to a campaign donor/ friend by hiring her to conduct an investigation.

If this doesn't stink to high heaven of Corruption, what does??

In addition what did Anthony Foxx do with the $3m in Stimulus funds the city was granted for Homelessness Prevention?

They sure didn't used it to help prevent homelessness.

Now they've received $6.5m more in Energy Grant money.

Can you say "STREET CAR"?

Do you think the Obama Admin. is going to say anything?

No because he wants those Charlotte Straight Ticket votes (East/ West Charlotte, Low Income voters) for his 2012 re-election bid.

By the way I'm African-American too and yes I said it!

I didn't vote for Foxx and now I have NO regrets.

Anonymous said...

So the 6 Council members are esentially calling the complaining women LIARS!! And why did Peacock leave? Stand up and take a stand! Don't run and hide!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Peacock is one of the women and the other is Patrick Cannon. I think there is more to this than we want to know.

Anonymous said...

A+ anon 7:50... Foxx knew exactly what he was doing with that email!!! And he got just what he wanted. Turner's credibility is shot to ............
And A+ to you as well Cedar...

ThaQueenCity said...

TO: May 4, 2010 1:55 PM

DITTO! I SO AGREE! I am so sick of Charlotte and this is my HOME, born and raised!

To see so much CORRUPTION IN OUR FACE is disugsting! Enough so for me that I am looking to moving else where! Where ETHICS, MORALS and just plain right from wrong is NOT seen as weak!

I have been campaigning for the first time in my life mainly because I am sick and tired of the "entitled" ones supporting their own NOT because of their views or ethics, but because of they are alike! WHAT has this county come too?

By the way Turner was at Precinct 122 (Good Shepherd) THE WHOLE DAY! WHY??? Does he not consider that to be questionable? I DO! Guess who he was trumping none other than the all great Vilma Leake! JOKE on top of JOKE!

ThaQueenCity said...

TO: May 4, 2010 7:50 PM

THANK YOU for NOT being blinded by these idiots! And I agree Foxx DEFINITELY was getting his revenge!

But if you ever met Turner he truly thinks "highly" of himself...never could figure THAT one out? Over inflated body to go with over inflated ego...LOL!

I am white but my BF is black...Thank GOd he uses his brain and is NOT fooled by what is going on! He too is sick of all this BS with the County and City as well!