Monday, May 3, 2010

The Winner of the 2010 Quail Hollow Championship

Rory McIlroy - Did you see his putt on 18 at Quail Hollow Sunday? If you didn't you missed a defining moment in Charlotte's sports history. The event sold out on the hopes of Tiger Woods giving a show but it was the young prodigy named Rory, that stole the day. Setting a new course record, the kid who looked like a cast member from the Brady Bunch, said look at me in a really big way! The oddity of it all is that it is Rory McIlroy who is shadowing Tiger on the cover of EA's Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11.

Billy Mayfair was the Cinderella story until Sunday, but by the time Mayfair holed out at the 18th the crowd had thinned and the parking lot was jammed.

The leader board congratulated Rory on winning the tournament and his upcoming 21st birthday before Mickelson finished his round, was in poor taste. A sad error in judgement for an otherwise sharp looking event.

McIlory takes home a check for $1,170,000.00 for his first place and Mayfair $120,250.00 for his 14th place finish. Talk about the winds of change, and the sage advice to remember that all glory is fleeting.

McIlory last won at the Dubai Classic. The Dubai Classic of course held in the golf loving country of United Arab Emirates each year at the famous Emirates Club. The club where the Royal Family has turned the game of golf into the game of kings.

Perhaps a little Folk Lore is in order.

As the story goes a member of the royal family found himself in one of the many bunkers that line the rather tight course during a recent the pro-am event at the Emirates Golf Club.

In a effort to save face with his American tour players he proceeded to try to hack his way out of the bunker. After four or five attempts he thankfully picked up his ball.

The next day when the Royal hit his ball on the same hole with the same club he once again found himself with the same left to right trajectory and heading right for the bunker, just as it did the day before.

Except that the bunker was gone.

Overnight the Royal Family had ordered the bunker removed, and so the ball bounced across the now grass covered hill and rolled back on to the fairway for an easy par.

Yes, it is good to be King!

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