Sunday, June 13, 2010

Alvin Greene for Senate 2010

This man, much to the surprise of many....

OK lets make that .... much to the surprise of everyone including the nominee, is South Carolina's democratic candidate for the United States Senate. Alvin Greene was so completely off the radar that few in his home town of Manning, South Carolina even know who Alvin Greene is, much less that he is an unemployed former Army specialist, and a former Air Force specialist whose most recent claim to fame is being arrested for showing some online Internet porn to a college sophomore.

And South Carolina's political elite are raising a stink. United States Congressman and House Majority Whip James Clyburn has even gone as far as to say there is "elephant dung all over the place".

What could have been the feel good story of the year, has become another chapter in South Carolina's never ending political quagmire of dirty tricks and scandal.

But democrats are skating on thin ice here, the party that for years has championed the "common man" suddenly finds itself with a very common man who wants to be the next US Senator from South Carolina and the political power hungry are not happy.

Questions have arisen about Greene's mental state, as well as his criminal, military and college background.

At this point, the old adage never disturb your enemy while he is in the process of destroying himself, is just what the Republicans are doing. Nothing but crickets from the Republican in South Carolina. That muffled snicker that is drifting across the mid state and sliding over the low country is still fairly audible.

South Carolina's Democratic leaders are all up in arms about Greene's landslide victory, claiming, that he is a Republican plant, voter fraud, pointing to vote tampering and pretty much everything except hanging chads.

Other's have discounted Greene's win to name placement, he was listed before well funded and the projected winner, Vic Rawl. Others have pointed out the Greene with the added "e" would have been recognized by black voters as being an African American, because black folks added and "e" to Green when they left the plantation.

But the powers behind South Carolina's democratic party are not willing to accept any honest yet odd coincidence, and have called to a formal investigation. In doing so they are making a massive mistake. Rather than supporting Greene's good fortune they continue to make excuses left and right.

The fact of the matter is Jim DeMint was all but assured the win in November, no matter who the challenger.

But as the media digs into the Alvin Greene story and as they too discover that Alvin Greene may be a few fries shy of a happy meal, some are asking the obvious question what if?

What if someone like the Anti-American Idol web site "Vote for the Worst" gets behind Greene starting a grass roots campaign that gets out the vote for the least qualified senatorial candidate in the history of this country

The more the Democrats scream foul, the more people are thinking why not?

I've listened to Alvin Greene and no doubt he is pretty slow, but with a few carefully worded answers to questions about his arrest and military past he might just get elected, as this wave of insanity spreads across the country.

Frankly speaking why should it take millions to get elected? Why should each candidate have some well thought out agenda? Why not just vote how your constituents tell you to vote? How hard can that be? Maybe Alvin Greene is a wake up call.

Maybe Senator Greene is just the kind of person we need in Washington, a common man of little words.


JAT said...

Unlike 98.5% of commentators on this matter, I've actually been to Manning, SC.

This story is only gonna get more strange. Trust me.ku

Anonymous said...

I'd vote for him just for the late night punch lines.