Monday, June 14, 2010

U.S. Rep. Bob Etheridge Goes Nuts!

In another nice reflection on Carolina politics, North Carolina's own Bob Etheridge gets aggressive with a couple of college students. Maybe he felt threaten by their odd attire, after all it is not often you see college students wearing suits and ties.

Mr. Etheridge made a formal apology on Monday afternoon, while his supporters continued to claim he was "baited" into the confrontation.

Clearly Mr. Etheridge should be censured for this conduct but I would expect the Democrat controlled house will just sweep this event under the rug.

All I can say is: "Hey Bob, give me a call I'll help you clean out your office".

You too can help Bob Etheridge feel the love, contact him via email here:

You'll have to enter the following zip code: 27546 + 1342

Maybe suggest a little anger management or a home study course PR101 which would tell him never ever touch the lens!


Anonymous said...

College kids in suits? I'm sure he thought they were Republicans or Tea Baggers!

R. Shackleford said...

It doesn't matter who he thought they were, he ought to be in jail for assault. But yes indeed, he just shot his own ass clean off. This kind of thing is unconscionable. I'd like to see him charged and jailed.

Anonymous said...

I get the funny feeling he is under some kind of pressure from something other than Obama Care.

If you watch carefully he doesn't even hear the question, and reacts as if they are asking him if he is gay or something?

Could it be that the question about Obama was edited in? Maybe they were asking him something considerably more confrontational?

Billy Fehr said...

Awesome and hilarious.


Anonymous said...

There's somebody who evidently needed a moment. Someone should send him a case of Txix candy bars.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing much to say in defense of the congressman, aside from this pretty much what most conservatives deserve on a daily basis. Still, no control on his part.

As for the little boys with the video camera playing journalist, this is what you waste your ambush on? "Do you fully support the Obama agenda?" My response would have been a quick, "Dunno, do you still masturbate wearing your mother's panties?"

The loaded questions--they go both ways.

CWV said...

Remember this this is behind the mastermind of the fraudulent ACORN videos, and that videographer was later busted breaking into a Senators office and trying to wiretap a phone.

The video is a political hatchet job; these aren't journalists but radical activists. Why blur your face if you have nothing to hide? IF the past fraud by the person behind the video, one can only guess how the video was doctored and what was going on behind the camera.

Did they threaten Etheridge or his family? Did they try to block him? Try to assault him? How much was doctored into and out of the video? We may never find out, and while Etheridge surely did a poor job handing the setup, the video should be taken with a full shaker of salt.

Anonymous said...

Cedar is so dead on! Never touch the lens because anything you do to the "lens" you are doing personally to thousands of people on the other side of a flat screen television.

Just saying

ThaQueenCity said...

Yeppers, another great politician shows his true colors!