Thursday, June 17, 2010

Alvin Greene Remains Democrat's Choice

In an amazing comedy of missteps the South Carolina Democratic leadership sustained the US Senate primary victory of unknown candidate Alvin Greene.

This is without a doubt the single most insane, crazy, absurd and unbelievable event in South Carolina political history since Mark Sanford publicly swooned over his Latin "soul mate".

Alvin Greene is clearly South Carolina's Forrest Gump, a half witted, but somehow likable buffoon, who if he can get the obscenity charge dropped may give Jim DeMint a real run for his money.

Seriously how can you wage a negative campaign against someone who is clearly a few fries short of a happy meal?

There has been no official announcement on the South Carolina Democratic Party web site as of 9PM Thursday.

So follow Alvin Greene on his Go Greene! web site or on twitter where you can pick one or all of the twitter accounts pretending to be Greene, of course none are really Alvin Greene but follow one anyway because it doesn't matter, DeMint is a sure win for the Republicans in November or...... is he?

Bonus Observation: Clearly the South Carolina Democratic leadership needs a major overhaul. I would expect that Carol Fowler resign within a week and hope the party can get it's act together before the November election.

A detailed look at how Greene might have won the primary is here.

To Be Continued.


Anonymous said...

If he loses in SC, I'm sure we can find a seat for him in NC!!!!!!! City Councilman, County Commissioner or anything in Raleigh!!!

Anonymous said...

Cedar you are a total moron! Only an idiot like you would support an idiot like Greene! Why don't you get a real job!