Thursday, June 17, 2010

Random Thoughts and Odd Happenings

Megan Fox - Is engaged to Brian Austin Green. Again! It seems that Green popped the question and not long after that the ring was lost.

An eyewitness stated: “I saw her jumping up and down,”. The proposal happened on the beach near the Four Seasons in Hawaii. The witness also reported that “Later, I saw a half dozen staff sifting through the sand.”

The 2-carat ring is still MIA.

POTUS - claims he is in charge of the BP Gulf Disaster, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Resources are overwhelmed, US Coast Guard seems to be in the "Stop the leak, then we'll clean it up" frame of mind and no one really knows how bad it is. Even local authorities are overly focused on oil that washes up on the beach vs the oil that is out there. Even Gulf Coast residents are taking a "Hurricane Mentality" they know it is out there but its not a worry until it gets here.

I've got some bad news for the Gulf, ITS HERE! How bad is it? How bad will it get? Think Chernobyl. In fact terrorists couldn't have hoped for a better disaster. If an asteroid struck the gulf it would not be worse. You have no idea how bad this is the entire Gulf Coast from Brownsville to Tampa millions of people have one common asset. Clear Blue Water! Without it they are BLEEPED!

BP Public Relations - OMG this will be text book for decades to come. The "Small People" comment was the last straw. I'd suggest shorting the stock but something tells me and US and UK govs will bail them out.

Tiger Woods - Look for another sad performance and early exit from the once great golfer as Phil Mickelson takes aim at the Number 1 spot in the world rankings. Why does Phil remind me of Goofy the dog or is it Scooby Doo?

Susan Burgess - Passed away Wednesday. The long time political icon served the City of Charlotte well. Suggestion for the over the top Mayor Foxx and the Charlotte Observer enough of the eulogy already and having flags across the city lowered to half staff for a week is just all kinds of wrong.

Trace Adkins - Gave the commencement address at Piedmont High School. Now really how cool is that?

Zuzuzela - I swear I tried to watch the World Cup matches, but there is no way I'm watching paint dry for 2 hours while my ears are pounded non stop by the ultra annoying zuzuzelas. Note to CIA water boarding has nothing on Soccer Fans armed with Zuzuzelas!

Massive Law Enforcement Response - Anyone notice the big show at the BOA Corporate Center 100 North Tryon Street? CMPD, CFD Hazmat and a couple of crown vics with blacked out windows? Sources tell Cedar Posts that all personnel converged on the 58th floor after a 911 call posted at 1:39 Tuesday and stayed the balance of the afternoon.

Nothing at all from the UpRoar or local talking heads, but plenty of reports from out of state sources on the other packages. Read here, here and here.

If local sources are correct a package containing "ANT BE-GONE" triggered the call to CMPD and others. Props to Bill Fehr for keeping CP in the uptown loop.


JAT said...

Huh. And now we have the train station on Tryon all bugged out over "packages" on tanker cars.

As Agent Mulder used to say, the truth is out there.

Anonymous said...

Megan Fox - Ewwww! Only 2 Ct?

POTUS? What the F is that?

BP - I am afraid you might be right.

Tiger - Yawn!

Susan - RIP

Trace Adkins - Figures you would think that is cool!

ZUZUs - Blaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Ant Be Gone - LoL 4 Real?

Anonymous said...

I didn't hear anything about the powder scare. How odd indeed.

Anonymous said...

Good Stuff Cedar!