Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Banning Ugly Cleavage

I'm not talking about low cut jeans on 20 somethings. I am talking breast Cleavage that looks like someones Butt!

With all the press about new laws and government directives proposed by the Obama administration, I was hoping for a total ban on "Ugly Butt Crack Breast Cleavage". I know this is a very sensitive subject since it deals with "plus sized" women.

Honestly I get it, women who are a little heavy are at least proud of their "big boobs" and a shocking number of plus sized women are putting it all out there on display.

Here's a newsflash if your cleavage looks like a plumber's butt crack it is not flattering, sexy or even remotely attractive.

Case is point Ms. Hilary Rosen a political commentator with CNN and former staff reporter with the Huffington Post.

Yuck! Come on Hillary cover up!

Another example of someone who should cover up Lindsay Lohan.

At 24 the once ample LiLo now has granny boobs. Just proof that booze, cigs, cocaine and a party lifestyle will suck the life out of your boobs.

Double Yuck!


Anonymous said...

Cedar WTF? Just when I think you are a nice guy you say something rude like this what is wrong with you.

It's not like she is a 300 pounder!

Anonymous said...

Let's face it, Cedar is a chauvinist with a definite double standard.

The number of men that should "cover up" outnumber women by quite a bit. I mean, put a shirt on that big 'ole beer belly, it's not even remotely attractive....

But, Jezus, your standards are ridiculous.

If a women feels comfortable in her own skin, she should own it, and screw misogynists like yourself that have a problem with that.

Let's hope Ms. Cedar doesn't object to "old mans butt"....'cause, honey, it's gonna happen to you.

The media sets incredibly high standards already that leave most women in the dust that don't have the time, or maybe the money to have the luxury of being air brushed or photo chopped to hell.

Really, Cedar, grow up.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Cedar on this one. Cleavage is not created equal!

If your front could be mistaken for your back side pls cover it up.

That goes for old fat guys too!

Cover up your fat saggy boobs and guts!

Anonymous said...

Funny Cedar I've thought the same thing, fat boobs with mile long cleavage really gross, so is crinkle cleavage. Ewwwww!

Anonymous said...

And these attitudes are why all women over a certain age are starting to look exactly alike.....fake boobs, fake lips, and faces that show no expression at all.

And it is a very provincial attitude lacking any sophistication.

The majority of men really don't mature as they grow older, do they?

And none of us escape old age if we live long enough.

I do find that European men have a much more encompassing attitude....not nearly as judgmental.

Anonymous said...

I hope you take a long hard look in the mirror tonight!

Yep your hair looks a little thin to me. Those sun glasses are fine for daylight but how do you hide those crow's feet at night?

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAA, that was funny, I would like to add a ban on the butt crack that shows on these bathing suits

Anonymous said...

Okay, I've got it now, you are a "Barbie" fan.....and destined to be disappointed when you find out that 99.9% of women DO NOT look like Playboy playmates. Such lofty standards for a mere mortal...

Wait until your "Man Sac" hits the water in the toilet bowl....gravity is NOT your friend, Cedar, it's not a friend of anyone that is aging.

OMG, could you BE any more superficial?

I wonder how Ms. Cedar feels sitting across the breakfast table from you, knowing how judgmental you are....and god knows, don't look at her in the bright sunlight.

I don't think you will age "gracefully", don't see it happening.

Anonymous said...

Double yuck on you for being so shallow.

Anonymous said...

I'll save you CP being as I'm a good bit older and wiser, women want to be lied to. I'm sure Ms. Rosen's husband says she looks great!

As for Lohan that is so sad google a photo of her at 17 back then Wozzers! Now she looks 40 or 50 which is fine if your 40 or 50

Speaking of 40 relax Cedar your "man sack" won't sag and frankly if you take care of yourself non of this other stuff will happen to you.

Ditto for women, its not nature or gravity its being slack.

Seems to me all Cedar Posts is saying is cover it up it's not sexy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:17
No matter how much you "take care" of yourself, gravity always wins.

All you can try for is to look good for your age.

When you are 50, you won't look 20.
Not even with"procedures"'ll just look like a 50 year old trying to look 20...kind of desperate.

Trust me, your Man Sac is gonna show the effects of gravity, sooner or later.

And it's NOT about being "slack"....
it's about being human.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:17

Maybe all women should just "cover it up" and wear a Burka.

By Cedar's standards, anyone over 20 is on a downward spiral and shouldn't be seen in public.

Beauty, indeed, is in the eye of the beholder.

With such a critical eye, I don't see how Cedar makes it through the day!

Anonymous said...

I do not think Cedar is that out of line. I see so many old hags dressing like 20 year olds trust me nothing attractive about a mother of 3 showing off he belly button diamond and strech marks!


Anonymous said...

LOL CEDAR Looks like you hit another nerve! This time with the over 40 saggy boobie crowd! Too "F"ing Funny.

For the record I'm with ya!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:58

You know what's great? An old dood with his shirt unbuttoned halfway down his chest with his gray chest hairs poking out....and a gold chain.

And that same old dood at the pool in a Speedo, and with a 14 inch combover....always a good look!!

Or a better look....the old preppy....striped button down, linen pants and loafers with no socks....thinning hair spiked up to make it look like he has hair and botoxed to hell....and everything Monogrammed....worrig

the general said...

I will take all your cull's cedar..makes no difference to me...Bring them on

Cedar Posts said...

Well Well my hair is falling out and my "man sack" is dragging the pavement? I haven't noticed.

True my hair is going grey and is thinner than it was when I was 30.

I love women all women ....

The truth is I find women over 40 who are in great shape hot something I would thought impossible in my twenties.

Ask me to name hot hollywood stars and my first ten are over 30 many over 40 and some over 50.

Sandra Bullock
Holly Hunter
Diane Lane
Julia Roberts
Courtney Cox
Michelle Pfieffer

To name a few

So crack on me all you like but just because I think women with big fat or droopy boobs should cover up doesn't make me a man pig.

Now I have got to go run a boat around Charleston Harbor with a bunch of 20 somethings.

Its a job somebody has to do it!

Anonymous said...

LOL Cedar!

Diane Lane is Hot!

kenneth said...

I googled "lohan ugly cleavage" with a cringe and found your blog. Thanks for putting to words what we're thinking. Lindsay needs better supervision and someone to tell her she's not helping her case by baring those milk-sacks. I'm not a misandrist but I do know what is visually pleasing. Someone needs to help the poor over-medicated-clepto.

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