Wednesday, June 23, 2010

McChrystal Obama and the Lost Cause

Without a clear goal the Afghan war has dragged on. General Stanley McChrystal may have been "Afghanistan's last hope". Ask anyone who has been there in the last year and they will tell you it's a mess. The only thing working was McChrystal and the only play book belongs to the general.

Suddenly its half time and the team owner wants to change coaches. Brilliant move Mr. President.

If you read the story "Runaway General" you will find nothing but banter between staff. There is nothing profound or treasonous, and if a bunch of suits in Washington want to make a big deal out of some comments made over a couple of beers, well let them spend a year in the frigging shit hole country.

If Obama fires McChrystal and Cedar Posts suspects he will, then we might as well pull out tomorrow. McChrystal on the other hand will offer to resign and who would blame him, but he won't quit its not in his DNA. The President on the other hand well we can just call him President Dangerfield as he gets no respect.


JAT said...

That RS article was effing horrible -- no wonder it is making such a ruckus among the ignorant. It makes COIN seem like something new and the Green Berets have ALWAYS been equal parts Peace Corps and full-auto.

This entire dust-up is another indicator that: a) American journalism is virtually non-existent on a national scale b) Our leaders are morons.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Cedar and JAT way out of hand dust-up over nothing.

The man is doing a dirty job, and has plenty of reason to let off some steam given the weight of the mission.

Anonymous said...

RS article was sensational journalism at it's best.

And McChrystal showed a real lack of judgment, and it was a shallow, cowardly way of getting his point across.

Sorry, but a real leader doesn't address differences like this in the press, it's disrespectful and crass.

Anonymous said...

Petraeus is definitely the man for the job.

Great choice, President Obama!!

the general said...

OBAMA is an IDIOT. There i said it. He reminds me of Monroe..Now FIRE ME.