Monday, June 28, 2010

Cindy Brady Pleads Guilty in the Mecklenburg County DDS Giving Tree Scam

Cedar Posts is following the news out of United States Federal Court this Morning.

Just a few minutes ago former Mecklenburg County DSS executive Cindy Brady formally entered a plea of Guilty to 3 counts of embezzlement.

Brady faces maximum of ten years prison and a quarter-million dollar fine for each count. She has been released on a $25k unsecured bond.

Sentencing will not take place at least until year end and could be as late as early next year. Brady's sentence will be determined based on Federal Sentencing guidelines. It would be unusual for Brady to be given a harsh 30 year sentence, however Federal prisoners are not eligible for parole, so whatever sentence handed down will be for the full term.

Today's hearing before US District Court Judge David Keesler was more of a formality. Brady will report to US Probation officers later today, after being processed by US Marshal's this morning.

She will be under the supervision of US Probation Officers while she is awaiting sentencing.

You can read the US Attorney's Office May 18, 2010 announcement here.

No word from County Manager Harry Jones, who has stayed well under the radar since this story broke a little more than a month ago.

Thanks to WBT News Radio's Chris Miller for his twitter updates live from the Federal Court House.

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David Keesler is a Magistrate, not a District Court Judge.