Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Classic Father's Day Tweet

Is from Charlotte City Council Member Edwin B. Peackock the III.

@EdwinPeacockIII: Celebrating my son's 7th b-day! Just watched old videos of him at birth. 8:58 PM Jun 10th via mobile web

and then:

@EdwinPeacockIII: At Morrocroft Urgentcare. My son has just learned how NOT to use his new birthday pocket knife. 7:42 PM Jun 11th via mobile web


Cedar's Take-Away:

I guess that pulls the plug on the "Red Ryder" BB Gun for Christmas at the Peacock house?

I really hate it when my crew gets injured on one of the boats. It's not the sight of blood that bothers me its all the damn screaming and hollering. Be careful of there!

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