Monday, June 21, 2010

Idiot Tweet of the Week!

I know it's only Monday but this week's award goes again to Charlotte City Councilman Andy Dulin.

@AndyDulin: "Leaving the hs on my way to #cltcc meetings. Watch at 6 on ch 16. I'm wearing my Sear Sucker suit & White Bucks. It's gd 2 B a #southernboy"

Props to Susan Stabley @CBJgreennews for the above photo.

Sad that "Southern Boy" Andy Dulin doesn't know that "the Sucker Suit" Doesn't come from Sears. I know it looks like I'm picking on Dulin but I did call it to his attention via Twitter as did @underoak: "Fashion spelling tip: A seersucker suit goes with white bucks. Not Sear sucker. Thursday is the day to wear it. #cltcc"

As did @SuziSteffen and @tommytomlinson late last week.


The fact that Andy Dulin wore white bucks with the suit can only mean one thing, Peck envy!

But Andy Dulin is no Atticus Finch!


Anonymous said...

Cedar that is so funny! Dulin is an idiot and ever since you suggested following him I've been shocked at just how stupid his tweets are.

I've also noticed Dulin doesn't follow or even reply to your tweets, he is in his own little "twitterverse".

Nice thing about Dulin, he makes Alvin Greene seem very articulate.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I don't think anyone could make Alvin Green seem articulate...did you listen to his interviews on Keith Larson's web page?? It is painful and embarrassing to listen to him....if he isn't somebody's "dupe", I'll be totally surprised. Someone is obviously using him...

Dulin is a stupid, stupid man. He's stupid and arrogant, much like many, it seems, we have in Charlotte government "employ".

He's a low level bureaucrat that has a much inflated sense of his self worth, once again familiar in Charlotte "politics" and employ.

After all, what real qualifications do any of them have for "governing"?

Jessica said...

Dulin is a dope. He took the cake with another idiotic Tweet today.

Great post.