Monday, June 21, 2010

Two Georgia Motorcyclists Go Down SCHP Looking for Hit and Run Driver

Nothing will mess up your morning like seeing two motorcyclists go down in the weeds. Unless you are one of the two riders who were forced off the road at 70 miles an hour.

Traveling east bound on I-26 Sunday morning Cedar Post's son shouts out: "OMG did you see that?"

Before I know it he's on his cell phone talking to SCHP and EMS.

What he saw was the aftermath of what could have been a fatal accident. The most seriously injured cyclist slid about 100 feet before striking two small pine trees.

The second one had a much shorter slide hitting the exit sign.

Now the surprising part. Much to our surprise both bikers are women and members of the Dream Angels Motorcycle Club. Including the club president named "Diamond". The second rider is the Club Treasurer Isis. And they both are riding "liter" bikes, not some little 600 cc liquor cycle moped either.

Speaking with Isis, she seemed really shook up and mainly concerned about her friend Diamond. Isis did say that they were riding side by side in the outside lane when a vehicle traveling next to them on the inside lane, suddenly came into their lane trying to make the exit ramp forcing them both off the road.

They were on their way from Summerville home to Augusta, Georgia when the accident happened.

Isis told us the last thing she remembered was the vehicle speeding down the interstate as they were heading for the weeds.

Cedar Posts Follow Up: Still no word on the car or truck that cut them off. A review of the motorcycle club site shows that this club is made up of professional black women. Considering the spill they both took I'd say they are not a bunch of sissy girls either. Hope they both keep riding.

On other note: Once the SCHP arrived nearly 30 mins after the call, the responding corporal showed a really bad case of "Big Hat" attitude claiming taking photos of a crime scene was illegal. Further he stated "I better not see any of your photos in the newspaper".

Cedar always polite assured the corporal that he had nothing too worry about, since there was no fatality. No point on calling the guy out, he knew he had me out gunned, but he also knew he was not talking to some local idiot or paparazzi.

All the while in the background the Sandy Ridge VFD guys are adding to their facebook page and uploading to twitter.

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