Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Marcus Jackson Due in Court - Jackson Victim Abel Moreno Tells His Story on MSNBC

A couple of local news outlets are reporting that former CMPD officer Marcus Jackson is due in court this morning. However, the Mecklenburg Superior Court Docket shows Jackson is due in court room 5350 Wednesday afternoon.

Don't expect much out of Jackson's appearance in court, but it may give some idea of Jackson's defense plans and how far the district attorney's office is willing to press for hard time.

In related news WCNC's Glen Counts tells the story of Able Moreno see Crime-stopper faces deportation. Moreno has been in this country illegally for the past six years. His illegal status was discovered in part due to Mecklenburg County's participation in the Section 287(g) of the federal Immigration and Nationality Act and his false arrest by Jackson.

Because Moreno is one of Jackson's victims he has been given a six-month deferment on his deportation. But just because he is a witness in the criminal investigation doesn't unwind the process to deport him, as the reprieve runs out in November.

The 287 program much like that of Arizona's new immigration law, has come under fire because some say it encourages unlawful racial profiling.

Interesting that whenever there is a round up of illegal Latinos the press runs sad stories and the public quickly relates to the human side of the story.

Not so much when the deported are Muslims who have entered illegally via Canada. In fact daily flights depart Newark and JKF with dozens of Muslims who are in the US without proper clearance. The one way ticket and brown bag lunch is all the attention they get, while on their way to places considerably more hostile that Mexico.

Why the out cry over Mexicans but not over Middle Easterners?


Anonymous said...

Head em' up, move em' out! Works' for me! Should ship Jackson out with them as well!

Anonymous said...

A more basic question in this particular case is that it makes a case against profiling.

Because that is exactly what Marcus Jackson was doing when he preyed on Hispanics....

By doing so he was taking advantage of their vulnerability and possible illegal status....PROFILING.

And that is what the Arizona law supports, profiling.

And I am not saying I am for or against profiling, but it is a very slippery slope. And one that a lot of the law enforcement community has taken advantage of.

It should be but one of many techniques that should be taken as a whole in law enforcement.

I can't wait to see what kind of a "deal" ("quid pro quo") that Jackson has worked out.

Civil lawsuits are a whole other ballgame.

Anonymous said...

My money say Jackson walks and the buritto goes home to sunny Mexico.

Hasta la vista baby!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, unfortunately, on Jackson.

But, "buritto", really? Are we still in grade school? Childish and racist.

Anonymous said...

Interesting point Cedar, not a lot of support Muslims in the northeast that is for sure.

But we all want our grass mowed here in Charlotte.

I'm always surprised at the places where I see dozens of Mexicans working, McDonald's all locations around Charlotte. Amazing transformation in the last five years.

Anonymous said...

Let's putting the shipping out in order.... If the illegals have jobs, work hard, pay taxes and don't get into big trouble like felonies, leave them alone. Let's first look at those who feed at the government trough, costing us millions of dollars. I say most of the illegal immigrants are hard workers doing labor cheaply and doing it well. Take a drive down West Blvd. or South Tryon near Remount Rd. and start shipping from there. Before you start with "you're a racist #$&*", I'm just stating the facts. Generatons of welfare, unknown baby daddies, etc. Abel Moreno should be fast tracked to USA citizenship and Marcus should go to prison for a long time.

JAT said...

I want to see if this thing ever goes to trial. I still say no way.

Anonymous said...

I agree, they will allow him to take a plea in the criminal case....

But I think his civil cases will go to court....I don't think the City can afford to settle all of those out of court.

Anonymous said...

If you're here illegally and ARRESTED, regardless of it being a misdemeanor or felony (by the way assault in a female, assault on a police officer, etc... Are miademeanors!!!), you should be given a trip back home no matter where you live. As for the Arizona law, which enforces the federal givernement's law, well enough said. And you are definitely right cedar... No one boo hooing for anyone other than Hispanics here illegally and being sent off. I've seen the 287g program ship off a number of non-Hispanic illegals. It's hard to tell when a disproportionate amount of illegals here in Charlotte are Hispanic... Back to agreeing w/ u cedar!!!

ThaQueenCity said...

I think Mr. Moreno did the right thing by reporting Jackson, and now he needs to do the right thing by America, get legal.

I support Arizona law as well because ALL they are doing is enforcing the Federal law period! If anyone involved would take time to read it is the exact same law, just at a state level.

If you are here illegal you have committed a crime and as for "amnesty" for all who are here illegally NO WAY! There are MANY here who have committed murder,and worse for drug cartels, do we really want them to have amnesty? I don't...